These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & Your Creative Juices Are Flowing

How has Pisces season been treating you all? Have you been feeling more artistic lately? More spiritual? More dreamy? I know I said this last time, but I honestly can't get over how much more vivid my dreams have become since the sun entered Pisces. I'm waking up from a beautiful dream every morning! I hope you're feeling your subconscious beauty float to the surface, because that's what Pisces season is all about. Which reminds me, as of March 4, 2019, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. If you've got a water rising or a water sun, you're loving the current vibes.

Even though Mercury will officially enter retrograde this week, making everything way more bewildering, emotional, and disorganized, there's still beauty in the form of a new moon, which will take place on Mar. 6. This will give you a sense of spiritual openness and opportunity, even if everything else in your life feels chaotic. Forming a sextile with energized Mars and disciplined Saturn, you'll feel confident and purposeful. Forming a conjunction with sensitive Neptune, you'll feel creative and compassionate. This new moon is taking you closer to where you're meant to be. You'll see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially as the sun forms a trine with the true node, taking you to the destination you were always destined for.

Cancer: You're An Astronaut Floating Through Space

An exciting an energizing new moon is taking place in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. This is pushing your perspective to new heights, allow you to see the beauty that you may have missed before, and encouraging to try something new that scares you. Remember, if it scares you, it's probably means you need to do it all the more. This can take you to new and exotic locales, push you to enroll in an educational program, or simply enrich your life with more culture. There is magic out there, waiting for you to find it.

However, let's not forget that Mercury is also retrograding through your ninth house, causing you to look back on the past as much as you look forward. Try not to make the same mistakes.

Scorpio: You're A Cosmic Creator Of Magic And Brilliance

A new moon is sending creative, joyous, and playful vibes straight into your universe, so make something magical out of it. This is time to let your surroundings inspire you. Don't think so much about the what if's or the how's, but instead, see what you can play with around you. When you were a kid, you weren't worried about failing. All you saw was an opportunity to have fun. Reconnect with that mentality once again because your inner child is about to hold your hand and take you somewhere beautiful.

However, Mercury is also retrograding through your fifth house, so don't prioritize fun over your well-being either. Do what feels right in your gut and don't make any permanent decisions yet.

Pisces: There's A Sparkle In Your Eye And You're A Queen

It's your season and you're glowing like the spiritual, magnificent being you are. The universe is working with you rather than against you, so enjoy the new moon that takes place in your first house of the self. Allow it to bring you confidence, self-love, and reassurance that you've grown so much and will only continue to grow. Don't hold your energy back. Don't second guess your brilliance. Find pride in who you are because the whole world appreciates what you bring to the table.

Of course, your astrological season is plagued by a little something called Mercury retrograde. This might make you feel like doing something drastic to your appearance or identity, but this instinct may pass, so don't do anything permanent at the moment.