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It's The First Week Of March & 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Are Going To Thrive

During Pisces season, the energy is beautiful, but intense. The walls that separate you from others become thinner, allowing for more empathetic exchanges while making you feel more vulnerable to external vibrations. When the sun is in the last sign in the zodiac, it's not unheard of for you to feel everything a lot more deeply. However, this fiercely spiritual and emotional energy provides you with all the fuel you need for creative and artistic expression. As you explore the vast expanse of your imagination, you'll discover deeper meanings and even deeper colors. If you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of March 1, 2021 — Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces — your imagination will be glistening with beauty.

A major shift is settling into place on March 3. This is when courageous and motivating Mars will leave behind slow-moving Taurus and enter chatty and clever Gemini. While in Gemini, Mars is hungry for information and will stop at nothing until it becomes more knowledgable. This intellectually stimulating energy will also help you tap into your ability to multitask and remain adaptable to changing circumstances. Prepare to have an even deeper grasp of your mind. March 3 is also when affectionate Venus will form a sextile with progressive Uranus, encouraging you to embrace a more authentic understanding of your identity.

On March 4, you can expect to uncover some big ideas. This is when Mercury — planet of communication — will join forces with expansive Jupiter, encouraging you to think outside the box and allow openminded revelations to help you connect the dots. As the last quarter moon in free-spirited Sagittarius takes place on March 5, so much wild and spontaneous energy will continue to be the wind beneath your wings.

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Gemini: A Rush Of Motivating Energy Is Bringing You Back To Life

The past few weeks may have been more exhausting than usual, Gemini. After all, Mars — planet of ambition and vitality — has been moving through your spiritual 12th house, an area of your chart that challenges the competitive power of Mars. While Mars wants to win the game, the 12th house encourages you to let go of your ego, which could encourage you to take on a more passive approach to your goals. Now that Mars is lighting your first house of the self on fire, you're feeling motivated about your future and pumped about your prospects. Go for the goal, Gemini.

Aquarius: You May Feel Confident And Larger Than Life

As brainiac Mercury and spontaneous Jupiter join forces in Aquarius this week, you're feeling so much intellectually stimulating energy at once. You may feel driven to break free from your comfort zone and learn things that will blow your mind. Whether you're studying up on subjects and practices that feel new to you or you're in the mood to try things you've never tried before, this week is all about self-discovery. You may think you know who you are, but this week you may come to find that your mind is capable of even greater feats, Aquarius.

Pisces: You're Falling In Love With Your Quirks And Eccentricities

This week, the cosmos are gracefully encouraging you to let your freak flag fly, Pisces. Since Venus has entered Pisces, you may be in the mood to put a little more time and care into your self-love rituals. Perhaps you're putting more effort into your outfits, as well as your makeup and hair. Maybe you're simply looking in the mirror and admiring what you see. However, this week, the cosmos are encouraging you to embrace a side of you that you don't normally embrace. Don't be afraid of standing out, because your beauty deserves to be admired.