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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Lucky In Love All February Long

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When you think of the month of February, what comes to mind? Is it adorable little heart-shaped cards sent by secret admirers? Bouquets of roses, boxes of chocolate, and gigantic teddy bears? Expectations are always so high for your love life during the month of February. After all, February is when Valentine's Day takes place. But does that mean this month is inherently romantic? While that's not always the case astrologically speaking, it's these zodiac signs who will have the most romantic month of February 2021. If your sun, ascendant, or Venus sign falls under Libra, Aquarius, or Pisces, count your lucky stars. Prepare to dive into all the passion, lust, and love, because this month will certainly tap into your dreamy side.

However, there's still so much more to this love story. Venus enters eccentric, community-oriented, and independent Aquarius as of Feb. 1, establishing an intellectual and social vibe throughout your love life. This makes it a beautiful time to surround yourself with friends and possible see if a friendship can become something more. As Venus collides with unpredictable Uranus, you can expect surprises to lead the way.

Mercury also stations retrograde on Jan. 30, making February a month of run-ins and reconnections with ex-lovers. When Mercury moves backward in its orbit, it has the tendency to bring up unfinished business from the past, giving you the chance to get a sense of closure from your love life. It also creates communication chaos, so be careful when constructing your flirty texts.

Luckily, the romance will gain new momentum once Pisces season begins on Feb. 18. Pisces is an empathetic, mystical, and fanciful zodiac sign that loves seeing the world through a rose-colored lens and believing in true love. Mercury retrograde will also come to an end on Feb. 20, clearing the way for a more stable playing ground for your love life to blossom.

Here's what the following zodiac signs have to look forward to:


Libra: Romance Is Surrounding You Throughout The Month

Once this month begins, both the sun and Venus will be twirling through your playful and romantic fifth house. This makes February the perfect time to reconnect with whatever helps you tap into the magical poetry that is love. Maybe this means going out on a sexy date with your lover or finally striking up a conversation with your crush. However, be careful if you decide to play with fire. Mercury retrograde might stir up some drama, so do your best to make wise decisions when your emotions are getting the best of you.

Aquarius: You're Receiving So Much More Attention And Love

February is your month, Aquarius. After all, the sun and Venus spend the majority of the month lighting up your first house of the self, sending you so much confident energy and self-love. You might even feel as though people are taking notice of you, as if lovers and friends are noticing your qualities in a more meaningful way. Don't be surprised if new people start crushing on you. However, Mercury retrograde does take place in your zodiac sign this month, which might leave you feeling just as confused about your feelings as you are about your intentions. Go slowly.

Pisces: You're Coming Out Of Your Cage And Doing Just Fine

The first half of the month might feel sleepy and filled with introspection and solitude. You might spend your time reflecting on relationships that have come and gone and healing deep wounds that have been holding you back from truly embracing and accepting love. However, once Pisces season begins, your energy will feel so renewed. You might even feel motivated to reconnect with your lover on a deeper level and reveal your true self. By the end of February, you'll be attracting people who love you for who you really are.

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