Making Decisions During Mercury Retrograde May Be Tricky, So Here's What You Should Do

by Georgina Berbari

It's happening again, people. The first Mercury retrograde of 2018 is coming up this week on Friday, Mar. 23, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dreading it. The past year has taught me a lot, but the lesson that really stands out is the ultimate disaster that is trying to make decisions during Mercury retrograde — and TBH, I'm not expecting 2018 retrogrades to be any less catastrophic.

If you need a refresher as to what a retrograde actually is, it's simply when a planet appears to be rolling backward as it orbits the sun. This causes the aspects of life that the planet rules to go way out of whack, and since Mercury governs all aspects of communication, decision-making becomes a bit tricky to navigate each and every time the planet goes into retrograde.

The thing is, it's not just Mercury that's going to be in retrograde this time around. You'll be experiencing not just one, but two retrogrades simultaneously, my friends, because Jupiter decided to throw itself into the astrological chaos as well. I honestly think this is the solar system's revenge on humans for being kind of sh*tty in general, but I digress. Must. Stay. Positive.

If you feel like your paranoia ahead of the upcoming retrograde is a bit melodramatic, you're actually not alone in that struggle.

According to new data from the social polling and opinion platform The Tylt, nearly half of millennials (48.8 percent, to be exact) believe the effects of a Mercury retrograde are real, and as a result, will avoid making important life decisions until that big ol' planet goes back to its normal orbit. Whether it's figuring out when to break up with an SO, booking an international flight, or even accepting a new job offer, millennials are basically like, "No, thank you, not until Mercury goes back to normal, goodbye."

OK, maybe I am being a tad melodramatic, but this sh*t is no joke, people. According to Huffington Post, Mercury rules the mind, mental clarity, self-expression, and overall communication. So, like, will you even be yourself? Who the heck will you turn into when this mischievous planet appears to be rolling backward in space?

Additionally, Huffington Post reports that while Mercury's up there puttin' on her show, your intellectual and mental processes may become kind of hazy, and you might experience miscommunications galore when you're trying to get your point across to people. Riveting! Can't wait, guys.

So, it's pretty clear that sh*t's going to hit the fan in the next few days — but don't freak out and go into hibernation until the retrograde has ceased (yeah, I see you).

All you have to do is figure out what'll help you destress, clear your mind, and not feel totally powerless to Mercury's agenda.

Once Mercury starts doing its weird thing, one way to stay calm is to include deep breathing practices into your daily routine, which will help soothe your mind and, hopefully, help you think before you speak (that miscommunication's a b*tch, amirite?). Basically, when you feel yourself getting impatient with someone, instead of snapping and going off on them as a knee-jerk reaction, practice those deep inhales and exhales to help you approach the situation in a healthier way.

In addition to your breathing practices, try popping a squat and meditating for a few minutes each day to help you reconnect with your inner sense of stability, especially on those days when the Mercury retrograde has you feeling particularly helpless and out of control.

Above all, remind yourself that this, too, shall pass, and only you hold the power to stay calm, cool, and collected. You've got this, girl.