Making A Dating App Profile To Find A Relationship? Look How These Women Found Love Online

Over the last several months — especially since becoming a dating writer — I'd started to believe that crafting the perfect dating app profile was a science, not an art. Both data and my own personal experiments had shown that things like mentioning guacamole, laying a few thirst traps, and throwing a dog pic into the mix were sure to increase your matches — but were they more likely to increase the odds of finding a real-life boyfriend or girlfriend? (In my case: Hard no.) And if not, what was the trick to building a dating app profile to find a relationship, instead of one that would only boost your number of matches? After all, when it comes to dating, I think we're all aiming for quality over quantity.

I spoke with several women who met their current SOs on dating apps to find out what's in their secret sauce. And evidently, there isn't really a secret sauce at all when it comes to finding a compatible partner on a dating app. Everyone has a different idea of what makes "the perfect person," you know? That said, there are a few tricks to building a profile that showcases your interests while simultaneously weeding out guys or girls who wouldn't be a great match (both literally and figuratively).

Here's what seven women's profiles looked like when they landed their current partner. Maybe their dating app success and savvy will help you land ~the one~ as well!


This woman included some details that were sure to start a conversation (an interesting conversation, at that).

—Brittany, 26

This woman showed potential matches what she didn't want.

—Annika, 23

This woman's story is a meet-cute for the digital age.


—Hannah, 24

This woman combined thirst traps and humor like an evil genius.

—Michelle, 25

This woman created a profile that showed exactly who she was.

—Alexia, 24

This woman's profile captured her ambition and smarts.


—Meredith, 25

This woman used food and alcohol to build a connection.

—Elyse, 24

This woman used her internationality to her advantage.

—Abby, 24

Go on, girls — get that digital meet-cute of your own!

Quotes have been condensed and modified for clarity.

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