Guys Reveal The Best Dating Advice They've Ever Gotten From Their Moms

There's no better wisdom in the world than the dating advice you get from your mom. No matter what you're going through — a nasty breakup, a long stretch of being single, a disappointing date — she's probably been there, too. (And if she hasn't personally, she knows a friend who's gone through the same thing.) She has decades of hard-earned wisdom to help you navigate the situation smoothly.

With that in mind, I asked some men about the best tips they've ever gotten from their moms when it comes to dating, relationships, and love.

Not every guy would give me a straight answer. A lot of dudes said they would never talk to their moms about "that kind of stuff," which bummed me out — I'm sure their moms have a lot of wisdom to share. And even if it's awkward at first to open up to your parents about your love life, you can learn a lot about their values and their lives before you were born.

But ultimately, a dozen dudes opened up to me about the heartfelt, funny, and inspiring conversations they've had with their moms about dating. And I'm glad they did! Some said their moms waxed philosophical, others preached loving yourself before you can love others, and two emphasized the importance of condoms. (Seriously, guys. Just wrap it up.)

Their smart tips are below.

After watching an episode of House where the patient died from neurosyphilis, my mother pointed at me and commanded, 'Condoms.'

— Michael, 29

Once you find the person you love, fight for them. No matter how hard it gets, you've got to stick with it. Love takes work and it's never easy, but it's one of life's greatest gifts.

— Ross, 22

You fall in love with the people who make you love who you are when you're around them.

— Billy, 26

It’s not about how good a person looks. That will change over time. You need to find someone with a great personality.

— Mohammed, 23

When I expressed frustration with dating around the city and continually finding dates that looked good on paper but weren’t a good fit, my mom told me, 'Don’t overthink it. The right person will appear naturally.'

— Evan, 27

Don’t date gold-diggers.

— Chris, 26

You’re too picky.

— Marc, 27

Girlfriends aren't walls. They can be moved.

— Lewis, 24

Take your time and don’t rush into things.

— Gerard, 26

Use protection, and try to look nice (clothes, hair, etc.).

— Marvin, 26

Date Jewish. Both my parents are Modern Orthodox, and I grew up that way, so ideally, they’d want someone Jewish. It turns out it's easier because usually I'll have more in common with her if she’s Jewish.

— Saul, 25

My mom is a pharmacist, and when I moved away to college for the first time, she put together a portfolio of things to keep in mind about sex and being sexually active. It had stuff about consent, condoms, and the morning-after pill. She handed it to me without saying anything. But the most frequent reminder my mom will give me is that nobody can love me if I can't show that I can take care of myself.

— Irving, 27

Just saying... I'd be fine with any of these moms as my mother-in-law. Wise women!

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