The Best Dating Advice From Moms, According To 12 Sons Who Swear By Their Mom’s Wisdom


There's no better wisdom in the world than the dating advice you get from your mom. No matter what you're going through — a nasty breakup, a long stretch of being single, a disappointing date — she's probably been there, too. (And if she hasn't personally, she knows a friend who's gone through the same thing.) She has decades of hard-earned wisdom to help you navigate the situation smoothly.

With that in mind, I asked some men about the best tips they've ever gotten from their moms when it comes to dating, relationships, and love.

Not every guy would give me a straight answer. A lot of dudes said they would never talk to their moms about "that kind of stuff," which bummed me out — I'm sure their moms have a lot of wisdom to share. And even if it's awkward at first to open up to your parents about your love life, you can learn a lot about their values and their lives before you were born.

But ultimately, a dozen dudes opened up to me about the heartfelt, funny, and inspiring conversations they've had with their moms about dating. And I'm glad they did! Some said their moms waxed philosophical, others preached loving yourself before you can love others, and two emphasized the importance of condoms. (Seriously, guys. Just wrap it up.)

Their smart tips are below.

— Michael, 29

— Ross, 22

— Billy, 26

— Mohammed, 23

— Evan, 27

— Chris, 26

— Marc, 27

— Lewis, 24

— Gerard, 26

— Marvin, 26

— Saul, 25

— Irving, 27

Just saying... I'd be fine with any of these moms as my mother-in-law. Wise women!

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