Maisie Williams' Brand New Hair Is A Chic, Yet Slightly Sad Reminder That 'GOT' Is Officially Over

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I know Game Of Thrones is officially over, but my love for Maisie Williams has quite literally just begun. As someone who waited until last minute (Like, the final week.) to binge-watch every season in time for the last episode, I can honestly say that, while my appreciation for Williams is new, it's strong nonetheless. I loved watching Arya transform from season to season, and judging by Maisie Williams' new blonde hair, it appears the actress is looking to ~transform~ IRL as well. Natch, I'm here for it.

Arya Stark is as far from a girly-girl as a person can be, but in reality, Williams serves us fierce beauty looks on an almost daily basis. Her bomb brows and wide eyes lend themselves to a great glam on the reg, but the pièce de résistance to her style is always her hair. Dark brown on the show and for most of her childhood, Williams' hair was dyed a too-cool-to-fathom shade of edgy pastel pink when filming for the final season wrapped, and of course, her loyal fans loved the look. Next, she opted for a deeper, bold purple, and again, the color change was met with high praise.

TBH, I felt Williams' pink hair really suited her complexion:

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And the pop of purple really helped me celebrate Williams, the actress, from Arya, her character:

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When she returned to pink for the GOT premiere in Belfast, I was sure the shade was here to stay:

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However, that was certainly not the case. Although her newest 'do hasn't made its red carpet debut, Williams took to Instagram to show some freshly bleached blonde locks.

Now this is a look, people:

Daenerys, who? Williams is the only blonde queen I stan.

A photo from a few days prior showed more than a little rootage and some brassy strands post-pink, so perhaps Williams felt a touch-up dye job was needed:

TBH, all I need now is a blonde BFF pic from Williams and Sophie Turner, stat. I was hoping Williams had tagged her hairstylist so I could learn a little more about her new shade, but she only tagged the brand she was wearing, M+RC Noir, as well as the photographer, Martin Mougeot.

Things I want to know: Why was Bran crowned king, and who took Maisie Williams blonde?

So many questions, so few answers. But for real, I want to know who did her hair. TBH, Williams is badass enough that I wouldn't be surprised if she DIY'd her new 'do at home. Then again, she's also a full-fledged celebrity now, so I hope she used her ~status~ to find a top stylist for the job. Either way, it came out fantastic.

GOT might be over, but at least I can continue obsessing over Williams and the rest of the cast:

It's true! I may never again feel envy towards a new braided hairstyle on the Khaleesi, but the characters' IRL counterparts stay serving great looks on the daily. Thank goodness!