Maisie Williams Just Dyed Her Hair Another Bold Color, & Here's What It Could Mean

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I know I'm probably the only person on the planet not watching Game of Thrones, but you best believe I'm still obsessed with its leading ladies, from Emilia Clarke to Sophie Turner to the stylish Maisie Williams. Williams, in particular, is my current favorite at the moment — and not just because I'm jealous Turner gets to marry Joe Jonas when it should've been me. I just love seeing her experiment with her look and take bold, beautiful risks, and Maisie Williams' new purple hair is yet another fab example. Just as fans were getting used to seeing Arya Stark with punchy pink strands, Williams shocked them all by debuting a whole new shade. I wonder about what hair color she'll try next the same way I assume actual GoT fans wonder about the series finale. It's all an intriguing mystery, and until we get the answers, we have to embrace what we've seen so far.

Williams has been in the spotlight since age 14 when she first appeared on the now record-breaking series. It's safe to say that her style has changed quite a bit since then — now, at 21, she's a real-deal adult, but if you think her endearingly playful look has toned down, think again, because it's only gotten more bold. A natural brunette as well as one on the show, Williams surprised everyone when she went pink in November 2018, and the fun look has been documented on numerous magazine covers since. She went blue-black for a hot minute back in 2016, but this is the first time she's debuted a truly bright hair color, and I'm into it.

Honestly, if you tried to convince me she was born with this hair, I'd believe it. It just looks so right on her:

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Lately, though, I'd noticed Williams letting her normally vivacious pink fade. Was she planning to return to brown, or even pull a blonde moment courtesy of the bleach?

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Of course not, our girl went for a look far more daring. Ladies and gentleman, behold Williams' new purple locks:

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Somehow, this new shade suits her even more than my beloved bubblegum pink! And based on her comments regarding why she originally went for colorful strands, it's possible that this is Williams' way of saying she'll be taking a break after all the GoT madness. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she admitted that the reason she went pink in the first place was so that she wouldn't be cast in anything new.

"I guess, subconciously, I dyed it because I didn’t want to work. It’s a pretty good way of stopping that," Williams told Rolling Stone. “And it just feels so good, so me. I’ve battled my whole adolescence with trying to put a stamp on my appearance, but also be a blank canvas as an actor.”

This new purple 'do feels like the most perfect stamp of personality, Maisie!

TBH, I can hardly remember her with traditionally colored hair — although I must admit, her brunette strands were also fab:

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The celebrity realm is definitely a fit-the-mold kind of scene, so I admire Williams for her commitment to being herself and looking like herself. After so many years dedicating her time to Game of Thrones, I look forward to seeing this starlet enjoy some time off and try out more fun new hair colors. If you're reading this, Maisie, I vote for turquoise next!