Logan Paul's Net Worth Will Make You Sob

Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hey, it's me: a hardworking 26-year-old gal who pays expensive rent, student loans, and credit card bills every damn month. At this point, my net worth is probably in the negatives — but that's cool. I'd like to think that'll turn around someday. However, I can't help but cry a little when I see other 20-somethings' net worth skyrocketing before mine... especially Logan Paul's. Logan Paul's net worth is astronomical and definitely saddening, but it's not shocking.

Hear me out: YouTube stardom means big dollars, and anyone living in 2018 knows that. Posting daily vlogs can turn into a lucrative pastime, and I can't knock the people who do it. However, Logan Paul's recent controversies on YouTube make it a lot easier to be maddened by the amount of money he's made from his posts. Between his disappointing "Suicide Forest" video and other controversial videos he's published, it's hard to stomach his wealth. But now, it's time to face our fears and find out exactly how much the 22-year-old YouTube vlogger is worth.

According to Forbes, Logan Paul made $12.5 million in 2017. Apparently, about $3.25 million — a quarter of Paul's income for the year — came from YouTube ads. He reportedly makes $150,000 per Facebook post, and $80,000 for sponsored content on Instagram. That's, like, a lot of money.

Let's all cry together.

Yup. Logan Paul is truly rolling in the deep — but why are we so upset about it? Let's find out.

Unless you live under an anti-social media rock (kudos if you do), you're probably aware of the recent video Logan Paul posted to his YouTube channel of his team exploring the Aokigahara forest in Japan. The forest is known as one of the world's most popular suicide sites, which is why people call it the "Suicide Forest." According to Twitter, the vlog post was called "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest..." Let's just say people weren't happy about it.

Reports say Paul's footage shows an apparent suicide victim hanging from a tree, but the actual video has been deleted. YouTube is taking further action to punish Paul for his footage, and is reportedly dropping a few of his major projects slated for the upcoming year.

As expected, the entire internet turned on Logan Paul when the footage was published. People were infuriated, disappointed, and downright shocked when the vlogger posted footage of the seemingly dead body. After backlash erupted on the internet, Paul posted his first apology.

In a tweet on Jan. 1, Paul wrote a long message to his fans about why he posted the video in the first place. An excerpt from his tweet says,

I didn't do it for views. I get views. I did it because I thought I could make a positive ripple on the internet, not cause a monsoon of negativity. That's never the intention. I intended to raise awareness for suicide and suicide prevention and while I thought 'if this video saves just ONE life, it'll be worth it,' I was misguided by shock and awe, as portrayed in the video. I still am.

Paul posted a second apology on Twitter in the form of a video on Jan. 2, where he says, "I want to apologize to the internet. I want to apologize to anyone who's seen the video. I want to apologize to anyone who has been affected or touched by mental illness, or depression, or suicide. But most importantly, I want to apologize to the victim and his family."

The next day, on Jan. 3, Paul tweeted that he's "taking time to reflect."

Since his last tweet, there have been reports that Paul made money off his apology video — $12,000 to be exact. Yup.

Although Paul is currently facing backlash from his mistake and "taking time to reflect," his bank account probably isn't suffering. I'm going to go cry for a little while.