Lizzo Dropped Another Music Video For "Good As Hell" & Yes, It's Good As Hell


When your three-year-old single goes viral in 2019, the only appropriate way to celebrate is by dropping another music video for it. Lizzo's second "Good As Hell" music video is so different from the first, and you need to watch it ASAP. It's that good.

The video takes place at Louisiana's Southern University, where a group of students prepare for their school's homecoming game. Instead of focusing on the football players, however, Lizzo's "Good As Hell" MV puts the spotlight on the SU Fabulous Dancing Dolls dance team and the Human Jukebox marching band. Fans see different storylines play out, with each story narrated by the song's lyrics.

For example, when a member of the dancing team is trying to get over her recent breakup, Lizzo sings, "Come now, come dry your eyes/ You know you a star, you can touch the sky/ I know that it's hard but you have to try/ If you need advice, let me simplify," to remind her she's a star without him.

Back in the day, Lizzo was once a marching band member herself (you can hear her playing the flute throughout her album Cuz I Love You), so this video pays tribute to that special time in her life.

While Lizzo may have been a member of the ensemble during her school days, this time around, she took center stage and lead the marching band herself. Just like her uplifting lyrics, Lizzo helped give the kids enough confidence to deliver an amazing performance.

Lizzo's original "Good As Hell" music video, which takes place at a beauty salon, is equally uplifting. The video follows a woman who enters the salon feeling insecure about herself, but, with a little help from the women around her, she is reminded of how beautiful she is. Considering they are in a beauty salon, a lot of hair tossin' and dancing goes down.

Watch the original "Good As Hell" MV below.

Lizzo's lyrics never fail to remind us all to love ourselves, and, for that reason, her songs will never get old.