Lizzo's Song Lyrics About Love Will Make You Feel 100% That B*tch

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I don't need a DNA test — I already know Lizzo is 100% that bestie you need post-breakup. The empowering artist is all about body positivity, sex positivity, and celebrating yourself, and if you have never tried blasting "Juice" while getting ready for a night out with your ladies, I highly recommend it. While most of Lizzo's songs focusing on the idea of loving yourself above all else, she still offers some pretty wise advice when it comes to romance. The singer is not one to mince words, so yes, truth hurts, but Lizzo's song lyrics about love are so necessarily for anyone struggling with heartbreak.

Lizzo is like that friend who forces you to put on a cute outfit and go dancing when all you want to do is cry and reread old texts from your ex. Though Lizzo is pretty close-lipped about her own love life, her song lyrics suggest she's had her own experiences with breakups and letdowns. (But honestly, what kind of monster would ever try to break the heart of this queen?) Whether you're helplessly in love, hopeless in love, or working on loving yourself, these incredibly wise lyrics will seriously speak to your soul (and probably make you feel like dancing).

"Truth Hurts"

"Truth Hurts" is all about a partner who dumps you and then immediately gets back together with their ex — but still wants to hook up with you, of course. As Lizzo proclaims, "I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be your side chick," because someone who doesn't make her a priority simply isn't worth her time.

You're 'posed to hold me down, but you're holding me back / And that's the sound of me not calling you back

Rather than letting an ex keep you from moving on, Lizzo is all about letting that ex go. Nothing is wrong with being single — and if you happen to meet someone way better, so be it.

"Good as Hell"

There's really no way to misinterpret "Good as Hell." Moral of the story: You're too good for that person, and you deserve to feel good as hell about yourself. "I know he did you wrong, we can make it right," she sings. And of course, the best way to feel better is with a fun night out.

I know that it's hard but you have to try / If you need advice, let me simplify / If he don't love you anymore / Just walk your fine *ss out the door

If a relationship isn't worth holding onto, then let it go, because the only thing you can really control is how you feel about yourself.


You might think that a person needs a partner to feel happy and fulfilled, and in order to keep that partner around, you need to abide by a certain set of expectations. But Lizzo, unsurprisingly, has no intention of learning to cook or dress a certain way to satisfy a man.

They used to say to get a man you had to know how to look / They used to say to keep a man you had to know how to cook / But I'm solo in Soho, sippin' Soju in Malibu / It's a me, myself kinda attitude

As Lizzo sings, she can be her own soulmate — after all, she doesn't need a crown to know she's a queen, so why would she need a man to feel complete?

"Water Me"

As self-sufficient and independent as Lizzo is, she doesn't see the point of staying with an inattentive partner. Like a plant, she needs attention and care, and if that partner doesn't take the time to strengthen their relationship, then she has no problem leaving.

I am free, yeah yeah / Come water me, oh oh / Love you so, but if you don't / I have to leave

She may love her partner, but if they don't give her the consideration she deserves, then she feels free to go her own way.


Is there anything worse than making yourself vulnerable for someone who ultimately doesn't deserve it? In "Crybaby," Lizzo explains what it's like to show someone your vulnerable side, only to learn they're not willing to do the same.

You should feel honored boy, uh / You got me feelin' this much / I clear my schedule for you / Let my guard down for you / And you gon' make me put it back up

"My love is your love," she sings. "Why can't your love be mine?" Of course, because that person won't let her see them emote or express themselves in the same way, all those defenses she spent so long breaking down will have to be put back up.


Most people bring some baggage into a new relationship with them. But there's only so much Lizzo can handle, and if that partner is unwilling to work on themselves (or, more importantly, grow up), then she's fine admitting she doesn't have the patience to deal.

I never said I was perfect / Or you don't deserve a good person / To carry your baggage / I know a few girls that can handle it

"Patience takes practice," Lizzo explains. She's not ready to deal, but Jermone also isn't ready for a relationship. "Go on, take your *ss home," she sings, "and come back when you're grown."

"Heaven Help Me"

Infatuation can cloud your judgment, and while Lizzo likes the idea of falling head over heels, she's more concerned with keeping her wits about her than keeping a man. Even a person thinks they have her "dickmatized," she'll never allow anyone to fully take over her mind.

Heaven help me / If love ain't dead I'ma kill it 'cause it's killin' me / Cold world, they'll be livin' in a fantasy / Got me, it's the only thing I'll ever need

"Even if you are the love of my life," she sings, "sorry baby, I got too much pride." To Lizzo, love is intoxicating, and the only person she ever wants to be dependent on is herself.

"Cuz I Love You"

Believe it or not, Lizzo does have a romantic in her, and she opens up about first love in "Cuz I Love You." Though she acknowledges this is her first time in love and she has trouble letting people in, the song also touches on the joy of finally admitting (and then embracing) how you feel.

Got me standing in the rain / Gotta get my hair pressed again / I would do it for you all, my friend / Ready baby? Will you be my man?

She previously imagined herself to be "love-impaired" and incapable of falling for someone, but as this song proves, people tend to find love when they least expect it.


As complicated as relationships are, sometimes you can just enjoy the simple pleasure of being made to feel good. "Lingerie" is all about the desire to feel sexy and pleasured, and for Lizzo, that feeling can be so euphoric she wants to share it from the world. Why hide that ecstasy?

Baby let me feel you close / You make me crescendo, I'm going up / Oh, oh, oh / Yeah, let's open the window / And let the world know

Lizzo reminds her fans there's no shame in wanting to look sexy for your partner, and there's definitely no shame in sexual pleasure. Sex positivity for the win!

No matter what's going on in your love life (or lack thereof), you could probably use some of Lizzo's lyrical wisdom in your life. Side note: Merriam-Webster, who should I speak to about getting "dickmatized" added to the dictionary?