Twitter Is Loving This 1 Bootylicious Detail About Lizzo's VMA Performance

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even before the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards began, every music fan knew Lizzo's performance would most definitely be the biggest and most exciting mini-concert of the night. And of course, she totally did not disappoint. These tweets about Lizzo's MTV VMAs performance prove that the hit-making superstar completely stole the show with her vocals... and a big floating butt.

Shortly after the awards show started, Lizzo took to the stage in what was clearly one of the most highly-anticipated performances of the night, as the audience began loudly chanting her name as Megan Thee Stallion was still in the middle of introducing her. But as Lizzo first appeared on the VMAs stage, she was not the most notable thing there. The singer appeared in front of a gigantic, inflatable butt, which twerked behind her throughout her bombastic performance.

The show-stealing performance kicked off with Lizzo rapping her 2017 hit "Truth Hurts," which although it was released two years ago, has had a major resurgence this year thanks to Lizzo becoming an even bigger name in recent months. That song seamlessly transitioned into Lizzo's smash "Good as Hell," another track that was released a few years back but has received a major mainstream resurgence this year.

The hit-filled performance was filled with amazing visuals, and featured Lizzo twerking with her background dancers in front of that giant butt. Immediately, Twitter was set ablaze with fans reacting to the performance. Check out some of the best tweets about Lizzo's bootylicious VMAs performance below:

Thankfully, MTV knew how much we would all need to rewatch this instantly iconic performance again and again, and the network quickly uploaded an official version of the "Truth Hurts" and "Good as Hell" VMAs performance on YouTube shortly after Lizzo left the stage. You can rewatch the performance whenever you want at the link below:

The VMAs performance comes in the middle of a massive year for Lizzo. The rapper and singer has been releasing music for years, but only really broke big in 2019 thanks to the release of her first studio album Cuz I Love You, which was led by the ubiquitous R&B single "Juice." Just two months earlier, Lizzo stole the show at another MTV awards show by paying tribute to Sister Act 2 in a boisterous performance of "Juice." To keep your Lizzo high going, check out that recent performance as well:

And Lizzo did not just perform at the VMAs — she was also nominated for a ton of them this year. Her collab with Missy Elliott on "Tempo" was nominated for Best Power Anthem, "Truth Hurts" was up for Song of the Summer, and Lizzo herself was nominated for Push Artist of the Year and Best New Artist.

Not only is Lizzo absolutely everywhere in the music world right now, but she is also about to make her big-screen debut in the star-studded stripper heist movie Hustlers. Lizzo is part of a cast including Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and Julia Stiles in the movie, which comes out on Sept. 13.

As her VMA performance definitely proved, this is the year of Lizzo, and the rest of us are just lucky to be living in it.