Lizzo's quotes about love are wise
9 Times Lizzo Dropped The Greatest Truth Bombs About Love

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Truth hurts, but for some reason, when Lizzo speaks the truth, her words are filled with nothing but love. Whether she's discussing romantic relationships or her relationship with herself, Lizzo's quotes about love are seriously wise (and they'll definitely leave you feeling good as hell). She may be fairly close-lipped about her own love life, but when it comes to matters of the heart, Lizzo is never afraid to share exactly what's on her mind. Romantic love is far from the only kind of love that matters, and the singer likes to remind her fans of this every day by loving herself above all else.

Of course, self-love doesn't always come easy, and Lizzo recognizes that. Some people claim that you must love yourself before anyone else can love you, but I have a feeling Lizzo would disagree with this notion. Self-love is the practice of celebrating your worth. However, that worth is always there — sometimes, it just takes you a while to discover it, and that doesn't make you unworthy of being loved in the meantime. For Lizzo, loving yourself is a journey, being single isn't a stigma, and though heartbreak is inevitable, her best quotes prove that love can triumph any pain.

She Thinks That Self-Love Shouldn't Be Treated Like A Trend
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"It's unfair for us to assume that people know how to love themselves," Lizzo said during an interview with The Guardian in Oct. 2018. "...[Corporations have] spent decades telling people they weren't good enough and selling them an ideal of beauty. All of a sudden you're selling them self-love?"

She Doesn't Consider Loving Herself To Be A Political Statement

"I say I love myself, and they're like, 'Oh my gosh, she's so brave. She's so political.' For what? All I said is 'I love myself, b*tch!'" she jokingly told New York Magazine in Feb. 2019.

She Sees Self-Love As A Journey, Not Just A Choice

"About 10 years ago, I made the decision that I just wanted to be happy with my body and I just wanted to be happy with who I am. That was the beginning of my journey with learning how to love my body," Lizzo explained during an NPR interview in May 2019. "...You have to find that love for yourself deep down inside, underneath all of that questioning and ickiness."

She Doesn't Want To Depend On A Relationship To Feel Loved
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"Even if I were in a relationship, I'm a single-minded individual, and I really like my freedom," Lizzo explained during a July 2019 interview with People. "I think there's a lot of people that need to be in relationships and need to be in love. I want it sometimes, but I don't need it."

She Regularly Reminds Herself That She Is Worthy

"I look in the mirror and say, 'I love you. You're beautiful. You can do anything,'" she told People in July 2019. "Tell yourself that on your happy days so that you have the strength to tell yourself that on your darker days."

She Sees Self-Acceptance As The First Step Towards Self-Love

"I take self-love very seriously," Lizzo told Elle in Sept. 2019. "And I take it seriously because when I was younger, I wanted to change everything about myself. I didn't love who I was."

She Thinks Marriage Only Works If It's Based On Love, Not Money
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"I think marriage is really, really good for couples who depend on each other financially. It's really good for securing your assets," she told Interview in Sept. 2019. "... Marriage can be a really good business deal between two people who love each other [but] don't need that business to love each other."

She Realizes That Her Relationship Status Is Not A Reflection Of Her Worth

"I'm single," Lizzo tweeted in Nov. 2019. "For a long time I thought it was because something was wrong with me. But after all the sh*t I been through... Now I know my heart was protecting me from pain I wasn't ready for."

She Believes That Heartbreak Is Inevitable And Even Necessary

"As f*cked up as it sounds, I needed that heartbreak experience," Lizzo explained to Rolling Stone in Jan. 2020 while discussing the failed relationship that influenced her album Cuz I Love You. "I'm not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. It's inevitable. The pain is human experience."

Lizzo is truly wise as hell, and it's a relief to know that — even though she makes it look easy — learning to love yourself is tough. But if Lizzo were to offer her fans just one piece of advice, it would probably be this: "Look up in the mirror like, damn, she the one."