Lindsay Lohan Just Gave Us The Ultimate 'Mean Girls' Reunion That "Thank U, Next" Missed

by Chelsea Stewart
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On Wednesdays we wear pink, and on Saturdays we get Mean Girls reunion photos. (!!!) As you probably already know, we've barely gotten any kind of sequel or reunion since the cult classic hit theaters way back in 2004, which makes this moment really major. Sure, there was Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video, released in 2018, which shows the singer recreating many of the scenes from the teen comedy. But considering the video only featured a few supporting characters, it may be kind of hard to say that it qualifies as a sequel or reunion. Luckily, two of your favorite stars from the film recently reunited, though, and Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett's Mean Girls reunion photo is everything "Thank U, Next" missed.

On Jan. 5, both Bennett and Lohan, who played Aaron Samuels and Cady Heron in the film respectively, teamed up for work related to the actress' new reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and they shared glimpses of their reunion through matching Instagram posts. The photo shows the two embracing, with Lohan blowing a kiss to the camera — just like the Plastics would do — while Bennett flaunts a boyish grin, smiling from ear-to-ear. (And yes, his hair still looks sexy pushed back.) He captioned his post, "Aaron Samuels + Cady Heron forever 💕Reunited with my girl @lindsaylohan." In her post, Lohan left a simple hashtag, #meangirls, because it really doesn't take much else to send us Mean Girls fans into pandemonium.

Get a load of it:

Then they really kicked up the fun. Lohan shared a photo of the two to her Instagram Story that shows Bennett giving her a playful dance, and he shared another of them posing for cameras. (Regina George would be pissed.)

Lindsay Lohan / Instagram
Jonathan Bennett / Instagram

Man, would I have loved to see a reunion like this in "Thank U, Next." I mean, Grande had everything else down pat: She had the Burn Book, filled out with naughty things about her peers, like size of her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson's, um, package. She did the same "Jingle Bells Rock" dance that the Plastics did at their talent show. The pink outfits were in full effect. And Bennett even reprised his role as Samuels, but, well, what's a reunion without Cady Heron or, at least, Regina George?

On the other hand, the video was still pretty phenomenal, even without a main character from the flick present. From the recreations of other cult classics — such as 13 Going On 30, Legally Blonde, and Bring It On — to the juicy clues regarding Grande's upcoming projects that were seamlessly weaved in the video, like a "Needy" shirt that fans have speculated may be the name of a forthcoming song, Grande totally killed it. Elite Daily reached out to Grande's representatives for further comment on the shirt and whether "Needy" is an upcoming song from Grande at the time of the video's release, but did not hear back.

So, now we've got "Thank U, Next" and a Mean Girls reunion photo. Wow. It can't get more fetch than this.