Lili Reinhart Described Heartbreak In The Most Unbearably Relatable Way

Toni Anne Barson/WireImage/Getty Images

After months of speculation, Cole Sprouse finally confirmed his split from his Riverdale co-star in an Aug. 19 IG post. Two days later, Bughead shippers had their hearts smashed all over again by Lili Reinhart's description of heartbreak, and she didn't have to mention her ex by name for fans to connect the dots. In an interview with Teen Vogue, which published on Aug. 21, Reinhart talked about the physical sensation of going through a breakup, and her experience is painfully relatable. "When I feel heartbroken, I feel it in my entire body," she said. "I feel mentally drained and exhausted from heartache and depression." BRB, I need to go listen to Adele and cry now.

The actor continued, "Your body's going through withdrawal ... you're craving that love and that attention that you got. I think that if you kind of remind yourself that it's just truly your body trying to get that fix again it's almost easier. It's nice to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that heartache eventually goes away if you let yourself feel it and heal in a healthy way." Basically, the only way out is through, and Reinhart apparently learned this firsthand.

Reinhart expressed a similar sentiment about heartbreak during an interview with Refinery29, which published Aug. 18. "The last couple of months have probably [been] the most emotional few months of my entire life," she said, "and my therapist [told] me, 'Your body's going through withdrawal from love. You're used to having this exchange of happy chemicals between you and the person that you're with.'" Though Refinery29 attributed the quotes to her recent breakup, Reinhart later took to Twitter to say her words had been taken out of context, tweeting she'd been "addressing her depression," not her split from Sprouse.

During her interview with Teen Vogue, Reinhart said the grief she's been experiencing over the past few months is also due to the recent death of a grandparent and the loss of her beloved dog, Delilah. "Grief, I think, is the most powerful human emotion," she said. "It can just break you in half." But — whether Sprouse is the reason she's feeling "heartbroken" or not — Reinhart has learned to cope with that pain. "The lesson that I’ve taken away is the importance of letting yourself feel these emotions," she added. "Don't try to snap out of it [or] just make yourself feel better."

The actor admitted it's "the worst ever being heartbroken," but it seems like she's pushed through the pain and is ready to come out the other side stronger than ever.

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