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If You're 1 Of These 3 Zodiac Signs, You May Feel Off Kilter On Leap Day

Have you heard the news about this year's calendar yet? There will be a total of 366 days in 2020, and it's all thanks to the fact that it's a leap year. Unless you were born on Feb. 29 — in which case, happy birthday — you're probably wondering why you should care. Well, if you're one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst Leap Day 2020, there's your reason right there. Just because leap years have no astrological basis does not mean the cosmos stop creating drama in your life during its additional day. Might as well get used to it, right?

Feb. 29 is full of astrological mayhem, so stay tuned. With Mercury retrograding in foggy, imaginative, and irrational Pisces, it's a little too spot on that a confusing Feb. 29 would be taking place. After all, symptoms of Mercury retrograde tend to look like disorganization, forgetfulness, and disoriented thinking. What's more disorienting than Feb. 29? This day is just one of many days that will be afflicted by Mercury's backwards tailspin, so think twice before you speak, back up your data, and double-check your drafts before hitting "send."

On an even darker note, Venus — planet of love — will square off with serious Saturn and obsessive Pluto, sending stress straight to your relationships. If you spend this day feeling a bit lonely or fighting with your SO, try to take a deep breath and focus on the big picture. Chances are, things aren't really as bleak as they seem. Save the major discussions for when you're feeling less negative.

Regardless, if you were born under Gemini, Leo, or Virgo, you might feel a bit off kilter this upcoming Feb. 29 (aka Leap Day 2020).


Gemini: You Might Feel Like Laying Low And Avoiding Drama

Are you awake, Gemini? Because you might feel more like canceling your plans and spending the day daydreaming instead of actually getting anything done. You've got a lot on your mind and it's important for you to process things on your own, especially because there may be drama surrounding your friendships. You might be feeling a bit left out or at odds with a group of people. The situation is still developing, so don't make any judgements yet. However, you should always put your well-being first, so give yourself whatever you need in order to feel OK.

Leo: You May Be Getting Caught Up In Nostalgia For The Past

What's on your mind, Leo? Is it that relationship that fell apart, the one you never got closure from? There's no point in picking old wounds, especially when they're just starting to heal. However, it may be time to reexamine the situation and start learning from it. Whatever happened, know that closure comes from within. You might never truly understand why the relationship was not meant to last. Regardless, you're learning that some things have to go before better things can take place. Focus on all the good that has come to your life since then and keep focusing on the future.

Virgo: Your Relationships Might Be On Rocky Ground

This is not the best time to start arguments, Virgo, especially with your loved ones. Even though you might feel increasingly frustrated or resentful, you might not be getting your point across while you're angry. Try to look at the conflict in the most objective way possible before voicing your concerns. Remember, it's you and your loved one versus the problem, not you versus your loved one. Argue as though you're both on the same team, because trying to "win" the fight is always a lose-lose situation.