Two friends hang out in the city and look at their phones on Leap Day.

30 Captions For Leap Day & Springing Some New #Content Onto The 'Gram

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If you weren't already aware, February is a little radder this year because it has an extra day. For people with a birthday on Feb. 29, this is a pretty big deal, as their birthday only comes around once every four years. For everyone else, this day marks another chance to post on Instagram and use the captions for Leap Day that only really work on, well, Leap Day.

It's not like you absolutely needed a reason to post on Instagram, right? You probably already post on the reg, because you have tons of pics in your camera roll and selfies that deserve to be on your feed. But that's OK. Having this extra day to create content and share it with the world is a welcomed bonus. It gives you the chance to grab your camera and your crew, and have that photo shoot you've been dreaming about. Or the time to learn the TikTok dance you've been seeing all over Twitter and film yourself doing the fast steps and moves.

Long story short: It's a win-win, and only requires that you spend some quality time with your BFFs or doing something you love for the 'Gram. That sounds pretty doable — especially if you have these 30 captions for Leap Day written down in a note on your phone. They can only be used on this particular day, so don't sleep on typing them out and tapping the "share" button.

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1. "How are you spending your Leap Day?"

2. "Just a girl who decided to make the most of her Leap Day."

3. "Taking a real leap with this Instagram post."

4. "Living my best life on this Leap Day."

5. "It's Leap Day. That's what's up."

6. "A day like this only happens once every four years."

7. "Let's order pizza tonight and celebrate Leap Day."

8. "Oh, now that's a Leap Day #look."

9. "Love you more than Leap Day."

10. "As far as I'm concerned, Leap Day is meant for doing nothing."

11. "My Leap Day vibes speak for themselves."

12. "Be in love with your life and every Leap Day in it."

13. "Enjoying Leap Day and dreaming about summer rays."

14. "Hip, hip, hooray. It's Leap Day."

15. "Stay in your Leap Day magic, babe."

16. "Why can't every February have a 29th day?"

17. "Super happy my favorite month is one day longer this year."

18. "February, but make it longer."

19. "Surprise! February isn't over yet."

20. "I donut know how I forgot about Leap Day."

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21. "*Four years and a million other birthday posts later.*"

22. "I forgot Leap Day existed and that's the tea."

23. "But first, let's have a photo shoot on Leap Day."

24. "Hey, people with a birthday on Leap Day. It's sherbert day!"

25. "February is a little radder this year, if you ask me."

26. "Thank goodness we get an extra day of winter, huh?"

27. "Leap (Day) over your obstacles."

28. "In love with Leap Day."

29. "All she does is leap, leap, leap."

30. "Happy Leap Day to me and you."