Lana Condor's Met Gala Updo Was Created Using A $6 Dry Shampoo That I'm Buying ASAP - EXCLUSIVE

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Just when I thought I was liking the look of my hair as of late, the Met Gala comes around with creative hairstyles galore, and suddenly I'm thinking I need an update. My favorite of the night? It's hard to say, but Lana Condor's Met Gala 2019 hair was definitely top knotch. Girl showed up serving Marie Antoinette meets cotton candy realness, and I couldn't have loved it more. Attending your first Met Gala is a very big deal, obvi, and while Condor's pink tulle Giambattista Valli Couture gown was major, it wasn't really full-on camp until her hairstylist created a mountain of hair to further elevate its grandeur. Condor was one of many on the carpet that used a hairstyle as the pièce de résistance to their look, and hers couldn't have been more on point.

Prior to hitting the Met steps, Condor was treated to the hairstyling talents of Matt Futgate, who knew the overall look needed to be big. "When you have a dress this amazing you have to build off of it," Futgate tells Elite Daily. "Also, with theme being “Camp” we had to walk the fine line of being too much and still keeping Lana the youthful, beautiful girl she is," he adds. The solution? Part dreamy, part wild, entirely breathtaking. "I wanted to do something romantic, yet still show-stopping, so we created a textured asymmetric up-do that emphasized shape and balance," Futgate explains.

Honestly, it was everything I could have hoped for and more:

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This is the prom updo my extra teen self could've only dreamt of:

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So major, right? Overall, it was regal but imperfect, formal but still cool. And according to Futgate, it was all about nailing the right texture. "I loved the intentional flyaways and multi-dimensional asymmetrical flow to the knots," he dishes. "With dark hair, normally all you see is the overall shape and not so much of the detail, so in order to get that 'cotton candy' effortless texture, you really have to deconstruct it before building your updo."

"All of the flyaways and the oversized bends are there to make the style feel light and airy overall," explains Futgate, who gave Elite Daily a behind-the-scenes look at the process:

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Along with texture, the right shape was needed to make a big statement. "The way it moves from high to low and left to right allows for her to look over both shoulders and have two completely different looks depending on where she is looking giving versatility to this style, where a normal chignon or French twist could not, as it would just be a one dimensional style," Futgate explains.

Don't have your own glam squad? Futgate insists you can still get get the look at home:

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"This is a perfect in-between-washes look," Futgate says, and to really nail it, the right dry shampoo is key. "Utilize Dove Care Between Washes Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo ($6, so your hair never get sticky, and have fun with placing ponytails in interesting places on your head," he instructs.

"Tease the tails and build great styles with more fun points of view," Futgate says. "It’s a more modern lived in updo that can be flirty and fun or bombshell and glam!"

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Who would've thought I could take my second-day strands and make them look this fab?

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Duly noted for next time I go somewhere nice and can't be bothered to wash my hair. Shout out to Futgate for the styling tips, and once more, a round of applause for Condor, who served one of the night's fiercest looks by far!