You're Gonna Want To Copy Kylie Jenner's Tie-Die Mani *Immediately*

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In the good old days, fashion and beauty trends hit the scene after journalists attended fashion shows and reported back to the public via the glossy pages of style magazines. Today, trendspotting is a lot less glamorous, but it's also a lot easier to tell whether or not a look will take off. Nowadays, it goes like this: If a Kardashian or a Jenner posts about a trend, it'll be absolutely everywhere within a matter of hours, and Kylie Jenner's tie-dye nails are proof. The tie-dye trend has been on the rise for the past few weeks leading into summer 2019, and now that Jenner has decorated her talons with the colorful pattern, I can almost guarantee that at least half of her 137 million Instagram followers have already booked tie-dye mani appointments for this week. That's the power of the Kar-Jenner clan.

Even back when she was rocking her edgy black-and-teal dip-dyed lob, Jenner always kept her nails super long and glam. Considering the majority of her fans can't copy her high-end outfits and pricy purses, a twinning manicure is as close as they can get to emulating their fave style icon and her look. Jenner often updates her fans on her nail looks via Instagram Stories, but when a particular mani makes it to her feed, that's how you know she's obsessed.

So of course, I wasn't surprised at all to see that her tie-dye nails made the cut:

"tie dye & toe rings," Jenner captioned the photo. Is anything better than a great mani-pedi with a side of alliteration? Methinks not. Rather than a full-on spiral tie-dye, Jenner's look is more of a pastel watercolor, and I'm loving the way it looks paired with her bubblegum pink toes.

BTW, for a similar pedi, try Essie shade "Pin Me Pink" ($9,, and a few toe rings for good measure:

It's safe to say Jenner's mani is what will really put tie-dye nails on the map, but she definitely wasn't the first to start the trend. My fave nail account, Katie Masters of @NailThoughts, has been on an absolute tie-dye spree, and I've been living for her creations.

I mean, who wouldn't be happy with these tie-dyed tips?

I've been watching this video of her making the tie-dye smears all damn day, to be perfectly honest:

This pastel version is no doubt more Jenner's speed:

Given that she changes her nails up on the reg, it's possible that Kylie has already moved on from her tie-dye mani moment, but the trend itself isn't going away anytime soon. I'll be booking a manicure ASAP to get the look, but if you're more crafty than I, you can totally find helpful DIY tie-dye nail videos on YouTube and attempt to receate the look yourself. All you need is a handful of colored polishes, an orange stick or similar manicure tool to drag the tie-dye smears, and a good amount of patience. I'm only really missing that last one, but regardless, I plan to leave this look in the hands of my nail professional.