Kylie Jenner's Quotes On 'KUWTK' Prove She's Always Been The Star Of Her Family

by Laura Rizzo
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You may be a diehard fan of Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, or Kendall, but you can't deny the gigantic impact Kylie Jenner has had. Kylie Jenner is a makeup mogul, social media sensation, and one of the biggest influencers of the moment. Although she's bowed out of the spotlight for now, it's only made her fans hungrier for more Kylie. Since the time she first appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner's star power was obvious. Kylie Jenner's quotes on Keeping Up With the Kardashians prove she's always been the star of the family.

Jenner was just 9 years old when Keeping Up With the Kardashians first aired. While growing older, Kylie also managed to build herself a mega-brand and social media following. After digging through the archives and finding a few of Jenner's quotes that were dripping with realness, it dawned on me that Jenner has always been the star. Her cool girl attitude and authenticity may make her the best Kardashian-Jenner. Below are seven of Jenner's best quotes that will make you love her even more.

“I know how influential I am over my fans and followers. I feel like everything I do, my hair color, my makeup, I always start these huge trends, and I don't even realize what I'm capable of.”

Jenner realized the impact she had on people pretty early on. She never misunderstood, she never took advantage, and she always kept it 100 percent with fans (for the most part — she does love her secrets). One thing that is pretty impressive is how poised Jenner has managed to be her whole life. Now that's some serious star power. If you pulled up some of my old Myspace pictures, I would literally pass out from embarrassment.

“Having a reality TV show, everyone feels like they know you, but that's only 10 percent of my life. There's a whole other side of me that people don't see.”

For 20 years old, Jenner is pretty mature and seems to have a good grasp on her current situation. Being able to understand the perspective other people have on her life makes it easier for Jenner to live her authentic self. Understanding the weight of her fame propels her notoriety even more. Keep doing you, Ky.

“There are new rumors about me every day.”

Being the star of the most overexposed family in the country does come at a price. Jenner is in the middle of a doozy of a rumor currently. If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about the reported pregnancy rumors... I don't know if I can help you at this point. While this rumor is running wild, it's just another day in the life of Kylie Jenner.

“I would seriously stab myself… Nobody is staying at my house.”

Jenner would rather stab herself than share her personal space. I think we can all relate — it's tough being numero uno.

"I would love to wear this hoodie and my Heelys and my sweats everyday."

Whether this quote gives her star power or not, I'm unsure. However, it makes her extremely relatable, which is what fame is all about sometimes.

“When I'm, like, 30, I want to go off the map, have a family and live in Malibu with a farm, and just raise my own chickens.”

At the end of the day, Kylie Jenner DGAF about fame. This is something only the truest star can feel. Jenner wasn't able to tell a pig from a chicken in the scene above, and has openly teased herself about the clip. Amazing.

"I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff."

This is one of Jenner's most iconic quotes EVER. She's always realizing stuff, like, all the time. Only the biggest star of the family could say such a special quote and have it absolutely explode into the most used phrase of all time.

Jenner may be laying low, but I will never forget her true spot in the family — as the star. YOU CAN COME OUT OF HIDING NOW, KYLIE.

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