Kylie Jenner Just Posted Her First Hair Transformation Of 2019 & IMHO It's Her Best Look

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Put down your wigs, your bleach, and your extensions, because it's 2019, and according to Kylie Jenner, we're going back to black. Yup, you read that right: Kylie Jenner's new black hair proves the coolest hair trend of 2019 is all about returning to your roots, and after serving us look after look in 2018 — from platinum bobs to hot pink wigs to that booty-length B-day pony I'll never forget — Jenner has blessed our Instagram feeds with a selfie that looks straight out of 2013, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Keep in mind, Jenner had icy mermaid teal hair just a week ago, according to her Instagram, so I was pretty sure she'd continue going bolder and bolder as we entered into 2019. However, it turns out Jenner's old-school look is more shocking than any new vivid hue she could surprise us with. I can't explain why, but there's just something nice about seeing Jenner look like young Kylie again. Nostalgic, even! She's gorgeous no matter what look she's sporting, but the Kardashian-Jenners are brunette beauties at their core, so I was thrilled to see her sporting dark locks again.

Keep in mind, this blue moment was posted just last week:

And now, Jenner is back to black:

I love, love, love Jenner with her dark hair. It's my secret dream for all the Kardashians to return to their natural hair color in 2019 for a family photo — I just love that unified look! While Kendall and Kourtney are the two who practically never touch their raven locks, Kim and Kylie experiement with new shades seemingly as often as possible, and once Khloé went obre a few years ago, she's only gone lighter and lighter. Kylie's dark hair isn't exactly a rare sighting, but it's still my all-time fave on her, so let me celebrate like the stan I am.

Let's throwback to 2008, when cute little babies Kenny & Kylie could be seen showing off their middle-parted, naturally dark locks:

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It wasn't until 2013 that Jenner had the nerve to experiment, testing out an ombre look fans loved:

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In 2014, she put those bleached tips to good use and packed on some vibrant teal dye, and basically broke Instagram in the process:

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And in 2016, Blonde Kylie was born, and her hair journey changed forever:

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Since then, her hair has been every color under the sun, sometimes as the result of a fab dye job, other times the momentary change of a fun wig. She documents it all on her Instagram, much to her fans' delight.

Here's a few of my faves from 2018. It's hard to believe these were all taken in the same year:

Out of all her wild, bold looks, I know it might seem like brownish black hair is the least exciting, but I can't help that I love Jenner's natural color! She often revisits her Classic Kylie shade in between statement moments, so whether or not this particular stint lasts long, we'll definitely be seeing her dark hair again in 2019.