Kylie Jenner Made A Huge Hair Change *Again* & You'll Want To Copy It So, So Badly

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Whereas I can barely finish out the year with any ounce of energy, Kylie Jenner's new icy blue hair is out here giving the final days of 2018 the ass-kicking they deserve. And while we've already seen Jenner stroll right on through a Rolodex of hair colors this year, I'd say this new ice-blue hue is my personal favorite. That's the kind of energy I want to bring into 2019. IDRK what to call it, but I want it.

OK, anyway, back to the hair. The last month alone was already a big month for followers of the Kylie Jenner hair train. Just after Thanksgiving, we saw the 21-year-old with super long ashy, gray locks. Then, over Christmas, Jenner brought back her tried-and-true platinum blonde hair. Finally, on Sunday, Dec. 30, Kylie Jenner posted some photos to her Instagram Story showing her in the salon chair, getting her roots touched up. In the end, this resulted in Jenner blessing our feeds with several more photos of a new icy blue hue and a choppy bob cut. Because Jenner doesn't wait for a new year to channel that "new me" attitude. She does it whenever the hell she pleases.

Peep the slow hair transformation below, starting with her ashy gray 'do in November 2018:

What I would give to be the platinum hair on Jenner's head at Christmas 2018, just to be a part of the excellency that is this photo of her and Stormi:

And at last, here we have Jenner feeling a little blue during the final days of 2018:

Jenner went on to post even more photos showing off her new blue 'do on her Instagram Story. And when I say everything in addition to her hair is on point in these photos, I mean it. The hair, the makeup, the outfit, the glasses, the earrings, the filter — everything. Not to be "that girl," (who is "that girl" anyway? I love her???) but if the Kardashian-Jenners offered a course on how to take Instagram videos and photos like this, I would pay too much money for it. Too much.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

While Jenner's ice-blue hair is a clear favorite of mine, a couple of other hairstyles Jenner rocked this year do give this new shade a run for its money.

I mean, how can we forget about the pastel pink hair Jenner rocked toward the end of September 2018? Seeing it cleared my skin, warmed my soul, and watered my crops.

Oh, and what about the other shade of blue Jenner served up in April 2018? A bit different from ice blue, her denim blue shade singlehandedly murdered every actual denim item ever made, and I don't even care how ridiculous that sounds. It's the truth.

Oh, and don't even get me started on one of the meanest shades Jenner rocked all year, also in April 2018. Call her Kylie "Cool Mom" Jenner, because this truly hot pink shade catapulted her into forever Cool Mom status.

If this is the kind of Big Hair Energy Jenner was serving up in 2018, who knows what kind of jaw-dropping shades we'll see Jenner rock come 2019.