Kylie Jenner’s Live Performance Of “Rise & Shine” is even better than the original.

Kylie Sang “Rise & Shine” Live For Justin Bieber & His Reaction Was Perfect

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Back in October, Kylie Jenner broke the internet (again) with a clip of her singing three words to her daughter Stormi. Now fans are losing it all over again with Kylie Jenner's live performance of "Rise and Shine" captured during Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's auction in L.A. on Friday, Dec. 13. The video on Instagram shows Jenner leaning over a mic performing in a sharp white suit.

The "Rise and Shine" phenomenon all stemmed from Jenner's "Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour" video on YouTube. In the video, Jenner gave viewers a tour of her office, but it wasn't until the very last portion of the video, with less than a minute left, that we saw Jenner walking into the nursery and singing, "Rise and Shine" to little Stormi. The moment quickly became an internet-consuming meme, and people began joking that the short ditty was Jenner's "number one single."

Jenner and her mother, Kris Jenner, attended Bieber and Baldwin's art auction to show their support and pretty much stole the show with their matching outfits. Kris' black-and-white tuxedo situation was perfectly coordinated with Kylie's white pantsuit, totally nailing the monochromatic looks.

Before Jenner totally took the whole event by storm by snatching the microphone, Bieber performed "Never Say Never" with Jaden Smith, which Jenner herself posted to her Stories on the 'Gram. Gallery owner Greg Mike also shared videos of Bieber performing "Sorry" at the event. Proceeds from Bieber and Baldwin's auctions were raised for charity organizations like the Inner-City Arts and LIFT Los Angeles.

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The night, however, would not have been complete without Jenner taking the mic and surprising everyone with an impromptu performance of "Rise and Shine," which was thankfully captured by an attendee.

The crowd went wild, but none moreso than Bieber and Smith, who ran around the room in excitement and support immediately after Jenner's three-word song. Bieber's reaction was absolute gold, looking like he just couldn't stay still; he was so thrilled.

Although the internet has already seen countless "Rise and Shine" memes, there is probably going to be a whole lot more coming after her live performance at the art auction. Even other celebs have gotten in on the "Rise and Shine" action, including Ariana Grande, which definitely inspired a whole other level of fandom.

Jenner has proven to be an inspiration of memes, a mogul, a mom to Stormi, and Stormi's snowboarding instructor — and apparently, now, becoming a totally unexpected musical sensation with "Rise and Shine" which Stormi probably gets to hear all of the time.