Kylie Jenner Is Promoting Travis Scott's New Music

Kylie Promoted Travis' New Music On Instagram & It's Peak Supportive Ex

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Just because you no longer date someone anymore doesn't mean you can't support them. But oftentimes, even if a relationship ended somewhat amicably, it can still be hard to get past all the history and hurt to earnestly and actively support that person. That's why celebrity exes who manage to remain amicable and support one another are so refreshing to see. Kylie Jenner's Instagram promoting Travis Scott's new music proves it is possible to do just that.

On Dec. 27, Jenner shared a screenshot of what she's been bumpin' through her speakers all day, and it's none other than her ex Travis Scott's just-released album called JackBoys. It's a compilation project from Scott's label Cactus Records and features guest appearances from Young Thug, Quavo, and Offset.

Jenner captioned the screenshot "Stormi's Dad." While many exes probably wouldn't do the same, Jenner is clearly excited about her ex-boyfriend's work and was thrilled to share it with her followers.

In her post, she also included a swipe up feature that linked out to the official JackBoys store, as well as Apple Music, iTunes Store, Spotify, Amazon Music and a ton of other locations to buy or stream the album. See? Supportive queen.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

The seven-track album includes a song called "Gatti" in which Scott seemingly addresses discord in his relationship with Jenner. On the track, Scott raps:

Duck away / she wanna lay up and hibernate (Yeah) / I took a chance, it’s a lot to take

For anyone who might be new here, Jenner's known for wanting to start a family. Even in Jenner's pregnancy video, her friends couldn't stop talking about how much she wanted to be a mom and Scott may have not been ready.

But Jenner and Scott confirmed they split up on Oct. 3. Many rumors circled the two were calling it quits, though, considering the couple hadn't made any public appearances together since the red carpet premiere of Scott's Netflix documentary Look Mom I Can Fly on Aug. 27.

Jenner made it clear she and Scott are still friends and co-parenting their daughter on Twitter despite their split, however.

Since breaking up, the former flames remain pretty close. Scott even attended the Kardashian's annual Christmas Eve party on Dec. 24. He was snapped holding Stormi with Jenner nearby.

These two look to be doing co-parenting in a way that works for them: promoting albums and, most importantly, being there for Stormi.