Stormi Made Her Red Carpet Debut With Kylie & Travis At His Movie Premiere

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At the tender age of 16 months old, Stormi Webster graced the cover of Vogue Arabia with her mom (and momager), putting OG models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Christy Turlington to shame. OK, not completely true, but Stormi worked it. Now, she's dominating red carpet events. Honestly, what can't this gorgeous baby do? Soon, she'll probably end world hunger, but for now, it's all about hitting those angles and catching the right lighting. Like, look at the photos of Stormi's red carpet debut with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. She's a natural.

On Tuesday, Aug. 27, Stormi stepped out in the cutest ensemble with Jenner and Scott to celebrate her dad's new Netflix documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly. In true Stormi style, the tiny tot wore a pair of tiny lily-white sneakers with a brown, white, and green top with matching pants. Wow! Athleisure to a Los Angeles premiere, Stormi? I like it. Her casual and cute ensemble coordinated well with Jenner's white bodycon dress and Scott's chocolate suit. Stormi obviously knew this and accordingly clung ever-so-sweetly to her mom's side to ensure optimal photo opps for the paparazzi. Well played, doll.

Like, look at this photo below. She positioned herself perfectly between her parents, smizing like a boss. I have a feeling on the inside she's questioning why her parents hadn't followed her lead on this one. "C'mon, I said smize."

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In the next snap, Stormi opted for a more angelic pose, closing her eyes and truly taking in the experience. Aww... she looks heavenly.

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In a third photo, Stormi looks like she may or may not have been over it. I can't blame her. Red carpets look super glam, but they also look super uncomfortable. Like, they usually take place outside, so there's no air conditioning, just flashes from a million cameras and I'm sure it's nothing compared to the serene ambiance of Stormi's Vogue cover shoot. It'll take some getting used to Stormi, but to quote your grandmother, "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

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Seriously though, the whole family looks like they had such a great time together. It seemed like Scott couldn't get enough of his baby girl. Awww... It also looked like he couldn't get enough of Jenner in that summer white dress, mkay! Please direct your attention to Exhibit A.

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Yep, hand-on-the-booty-action is in full effect people and I'm here for it. Sigh... young love. Just look at the way Scott simultaneously nuzzles Jenner's neck (or maybe something more, I can't tell) while Jenner flashes a coy smize at the photo pit. Fam, I'm done. This capture is it, y'all. It's a mood. The couple also shared a few sweet kisses on the carpet, too. Aww...

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Now, for all the movie buffs out there here's a little info on Scott's new Netflix doc. It's called Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly and it basically follows his rise to fame while crafting his Grammy-nominated album "Astroworld," all while becoming a father and juggling controversy. *cough* Super Bowl 53 *cough*

Sounds like a good watch and it officially dropped on the streaming platform on Aug. 28. Yippee!

You can check out the trailer below: