Please Drop Everything & Look At The Dress Kylie Wore To Hailey & Justin's Wedding

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Um, did no one ever tell the Jenner sisters that thing about not trying to upstage the bride? Kylie Jenner's dress at Hailey Baldwin's wedding is red hot — no, white hot. No, molten gold hot, and while I won't deny she looks incredible, I'd be one unhappy camper if a close friend wore that to my wedding, that's for sure. Then again, if I were a guest at the Baldwin-Bieber wedding, aka the ceremony of the century, I'd probably want to look my best, too, and Jenner did just that in a golden gown and bedazzled butterfly purse to boot.

TBH, I'm not the biggest Bieber fan, so while I knew the wedding was happening on the last day of September, I wasn't constantly refreshing my feed in hopes of getting updates. That said, when I ~casually~ opened my Instagram app this morning and saw Kylie serving lewks equivalent to those of an Emmy Award come to life, I almost dropped my phone. She was not playing around, people! Jenner's dress had a little bit of everything, including a leg slit wide enough to be considered a high-low hemline, a one-shouldered bodice with a stomach-baring keyhole, and a texture I can only describe as aluminum foil painted gold. Based on my poor description, you might not think you'd be obsessed, but wait 'til you see it.

Is this not everything a dress could ever hope to be?

Talk. About. Goals. Or, should I say, ~golds~. This is the kind of dress that makes other designers retire, because they know they'll never create anything so grand. Find the flaw, I dare you! The whole thing is perfect, and even more perfect when you scroll to see the detail shots and realize that her bedazzled bag is in the shape of a butterfly. Ugh, that's so Kylie. Love it.

Oh, and speaking of slayage, Stormi Webster also attended the wedding. Swipe through to see her lewk, too:

Baby girl wore the cutest of bedazzled pink tulle dresses, and unlike mom, who went for barely there gold heels made of IDK, tinsel???, Stormi played it practical and opted for classic white kicks and socks. I love this kid so darn much. Anyway — Jenner posted all her photos in one Instagram carousel on her feed, with not a darn thing on her Instagram Story, but other guests documented Jenner further, and it appeared she was having a blast.

Kendall Jenner's date, Fai Khadra, posted this group mirror selfie, in which Kylie is the only person using flash. We've all been there:

Fai Khadra/Instagram

He also posted this photo of the wedding's gold bedazzled Champagne bottles, and I can't help but wonder if they were the inspo behind Jenner's whole look:

Fai Khadra/Instagram

Bottom line? Jenner looked amazing — arguably, too amazing to be an attendee at someone else's wedding, but it's not my place to say. And honestly? No complaints here. I'm just happy she posted photos so I can keep drooling over this glam gold gown forever.