Here's What Kylie & Travis' Body Language Tells Us About Their Relationship

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Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott have been making some pretty big waves in the media since they began their relationship, shortly after Jenner's split with her ex-beau Tyga. As with any couple in the public eye, it's tricky to speculate about what goes on behind closed doors. We can only see so much, and even what we do see is pretty carefully calculated. However, it seems that Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's body language might actually shed some light on some surprising details of these two lovebirds' relationship.

As of late, the blossoming romance between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has been the talk of the town due to Jenner's reported pregnancy, which Jenner has yet to confirm. All this chatter has left many of us wondering what's actually going on between the young couple. Since their first documented public outing together at this year's Coachella Music Festival, Jenner and Scott have been in the public eye nonstop, and they seem pretty inseparable, which is good news if it turns out Jenner's pregnancy rumors are true. To find out what else there is to know about the two, Elite Daily spoke with dating and etiquette expert April Masini, of Relationship Advice Forum, to decode the couples' body language.

1.They're Connection Seems Intimate And Romantic

In the above Twitter post from this past June, in the photo on the left, it seems that the intimate moment the couple is sharing is both candid and genuine. As you can see, Travis is leaning in and smiling and seems to be listening to something Kylie is saying, says Masini.

"If I didn’t know them through the press or otherwise, I’d say that this is a couple who is happy together and has intimacy and romance," she continues.

According to Masini, every part of this interaction — "their physical interaction, her saying something to him, his listening and reacting with a natural smile — indicates a healthy, close relationship.

2. Kylie Doesn't Mess Around

At first glance, it would seem the couple is having a spat in the photo above. However, Masini notes that things might not be as troublesome as they may appear at first glance.

"He's really focused on what she’s saying to him," says Masini. "Their eye contact is direct, and the fact that they’re wearing similar outfits is another cue that these two people are tuned in to each other." says Masini. If Justin Timberlake and Britney Spear's denim explosion (#TBT) taught us anything, it would be that dressing in coordinating outfits — no matter how far out — is pretty much always acceptable. It's basically like saying, "Hey, world, me and my boo want to be perceived as a unit."

On a more detailed note about the photo, Masini says, "Kylie is using her hands, and that’s usually a sign that she’s trying to get something across that has got her worked up because of the subject matter — or because she’s trying to convince Travis of her point of view and is being met with some resistance."

3. Kylie Doesn't Mind Being The Center Of Attention

While it might seem like Travis likes to keep his focus where it matters — on his boo — Kylie, however, might be a little more focused on presenting a good face for the paparazzi.

"He’s leaning in to hear what she’s saying and showing his attention to her and their relationship," says Masini. But is Kylie also prioritizing Travis, or is she more focused on her image? "She’s looking over shoulder — literally — so, while he’s focused only on her, she’s [splitting] her attention between her boyfriend and the press and public. This picture speaks a thousand words," she continues.

Ultimately, it seems that Kylie and Travis could have a pretty great relationship overall. But of course, it's alway important to keep in mind that couples usually behave differently with one another in private than they do in public. So photos that we, the public, have access to will only tell us so much. In the meantime, we wish these baes all the best for their relationship!

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