Fans Are Calling Kylie Out For A Photoshop Fail In Her Poolside Pic

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

For Kylie Jenner and her celebrity contemporaries, everything they post on Instagram lives on forever — whether they like it or not. Because, in 2020, you may be able to archive your posts, but screenshots are forever. On April 28, Jenner quickly pulled down one of her swimsuit photos and the pic resurfaced on her page soon after, but with some noticeable changes. Now, fans are convinced Kylie Jenner reposted her poolside photo over a photoshop fail.

First of all, I'd just like to point out Jenner was looking fierce in her at-home swimsuit shoot. While I'm over here rocking sweatpants 24/7 during quarantine, Jenner slayed big-time in her teenie-tiny rainbow bikini.

Kylie's fierceness wasn't the only thing fans noticed, however. According to her followers, the water and pool ledge looked a little wonky in the photo, a typical sign of photoshopping.

Fans took to Twitter to point out the photo-editing fail, sharing the screenshots of Jenner's original photo. "Kylie you are the worst using photoshop," one fan tweeted.

Another fan pointed out how the new version Jenner uploaded actually cropped out the part that was seemingly photoshopped.

According to the fan, "Kylie first posted a slide of two Instagram pictures in the beach and one of them had clear photoshop that had me dead, and then fans started noticing and commenting and she deleted it and reposted it with more pictures and cropped out the part that shows clear use of photoshop."

You can see Jenner's repost of the pool photos below.

Jenner's faced a lot of scrutiny about her photos lately. Several days before the pool fiasco, fans accused her of staging a paparazzi photoshoot. After she was photographed in full-faced glam, fans pointed out the drastic differences between other times she had been caught off guard by paparazzi.

Kylie just can't seem to catch a break. This is hardly the first time the KarJenner family has been accused of using photoshop, and it's doubtful it'll be the last.