Here's What Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's Body Language Tells Us About Their Relationship

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Few celebrity couples have the ability to simultaneously warm our hearts while also making us jelly with their seemingly flawless relationship. Seriously, people simply can't get enough of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Whether they're strolling down the red carpet arm-in-arm or posting a silly pic on the 'gram, this dynamic duo is an amazing example of #RelationshipGoals. But of course, no one's perfect, just like no relationship is ever perfect... which certainly makes you wonder, what secrets do Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's body language reveal about their relationship?

If you ask me, one of the reasons this couple has so much appeal is because, unlike so many other couples in Hollywood, something about these two together comes off as so genuine. And just when we all thought our love for them had reached its limit, their honesty about the genuine effort it takes to make their relationship work just made us respect them even more, as they understand that love takes hard work.

While from the outside, it seems like the good vibes between this adorable couple are overwhelming, believe it or not, a lot of the positive energy they exude is also reflected in their body language and how they relate to each other. To get a deeper understanding of what their body language can tell us, I spoke with dating expert April Masini, of Relationship Advice Forum.

1.Their Intimacy And Closeness Is Off The Charts

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Relationships are as complex and as diverse as the people in them, so every couple's signals of a strong connection might be different. But according to Masini, the dead giveaway that a couple has a deep connection is a phenomenon known as "mirroring."

"There are plenty of images of them around the internet where they’re both doing the same thing at the same time — on purpose. This kind of body language shows cooperation, appreciation, and intimacy," says Masini.

And this makes sense. Once you've been around someone for so long and really understand the ins and outs of their mannerisms and behaviors, it's not uncommon to develop similar habits, ticks, and gestures. Sometimes, it's deliberate, and sometimes, it's all instinct — just like those hilariously bizarre voices you might use when talking to a certain friend that only they understand.

2. They're On The Same Page About Themselves As A Unit

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"This isn’t a couple where one person lives for the glamour of the camera and has a glam squad on speed dial and knows the paparazzi by first names, while the other one has dozens of pairs of sneakers and always seems to scowl at the camera and is constantly on the verge of fisticuffs with the press," says Masini.

In fact, it's quite the contrary for Bell and Shepard. Similar to mirroring, Bell and Shepard are often sporting similar facial expressions and overall attitudes when in front of and away from the cameras. "When couples behave simultaneously, in tandem, they’re showing the world a symbiosis that most couples don’t have," explains Masini. According to her, this type of body language communicates that "they are clearly comfortable ... as a couple."

3. Their Emotional Lives Are Complex

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Of course, you can't judge an entire relationship purely based on pictures, but when it comes to Bell and Shepard, there's no denying that the emotions these two likely experience with each other run the gamut. And the wide range of emotions in the photos the two have together show it.

"Shepard and Bell can be goofy together and they can be smoldering together. They can be thoughtful together or conservative together. They can be wild together or romantic together," says Masini.

All in all, it seems like these two are, in fact, as #CoupleGoals as we suspected... but not for the reasons that you hear about in romance novels. What makes this couple truly special is the way they've managed to set realistic expectations for one another and their relationship, as well as their willingness to put in the work it takes to sustain a healthy partnership — and boy, does their effort show.

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