Kim K & Kanye West's Family Christmas Photos Show North, Saint, & Chi Are Growing Up Fast

by Jamie LeeLo
Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Every year I look forward to decking the halls, wrapping presents, drinking mulled wine, and watching whatever the Kardashians are up to for Christmas go down on social media. This year, they did not disappoint. While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West threw one of the most magical Christmas Eve parties yet (more on that later), the real Christmas miracle is how quickly their children are growing up. Seriously. Kim Kardashian's family Christmas photo is proof that Chicago, Saint, and North are growing up so much faster than fans probably realize. Luckily, Kim is documenting it all.

Do guys remember when North was just a twinkle in Kim and Kanye's eye and everyone was going crazy guessing what they were going to name their first child? Doesn't that feel, like, not that long ago? Remember Kim's pregnant Met Gala glove dress? Remember her swollen feet? Remember when they finally revealed their baby's name was North and everyone was like, "Wow, OK. Curveball,"? That was over five years ago. Can you believe it?

Then, after a tricky pregnancy, Saint arrived in 2015. I feel like I totally missed his baby years and one day a toddler just walked into the picture. I feel like I totally "get" North and her personality, but Saint is much more low key. It could simply be that his parents have documented his baby years differently than North's, but he certainly is one little man of mystery.

This leads me to Chicago. Baby Chi arrived in January 2018, which means she's almost one year old! Where did this past year go?! Fans carefully followed Kim and Kanye's journey with a gestational carrier after Kim dealt with preeclampsia and placenta accreta during her first two pregnancies. Followers also watched as Kim introduced their surrogate to her family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and spent most of 2017 waiting for Chi's arrival. Today, she is hardly the infant we met almost a year ago. Every day Chi looks more and more like her siblings and parents, and she is so, so sweet in Kim's family Christmas photo.

Just take a look at this truly growing family.

Let's break this down, shall we?

First of all, North is wearing lipstick. 'Nuff said. Second, she and her little sister are wearing badass pairs of combat boots that I have yet to commit to purchasing in my grown life. North knows how to pose for the camera like she invented it and Saint has more personality in these pics than I do after three shots of tequila. Obviously, Chi is just perfect. And, not for nothing, Kanye West is smiling.

These photos were taken at Kim and Kanye's extravagant aforementioned Christmas Eve party where they turned their entire Calabasas home and surrounding landscape into a dreamy winter wonderland. Fake snow, sledding, icy white cloud decorations, and a little John Legend performance completed their Christmas blowout. But, even with all of the bells and whistles, the thing I'll remember most about the Kardashian West's 2018 Christmas is this set of family photos.