I Can Sleep Easy Again, Because Kim K Finally Explained How Her Weird AF Sinks Work

by Jamie LeeLo
YouTube | Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

It has been a journey following Kim Kardashian West's personal style evolution. Today, she is a far cry from thick high-waisted leather belts and bubble skirts. Fans watched in equal parts wonder and shock when she and West began dating and he gave her style a massive overhaul, throwing out her beloved heels and clothing she had been collecting for years. Today, Kimye has fully embraced minimalism in design and extravagance in practice. What I mean is, her house is giant but there's nothing in it. Kim Kardashian's explanation of how her "minimalist" sinks work is a great example of what I mean.

Kardashian gave everyone an exclusive tour of part of her home when she answered Vogue's "73 Questions" after participating in her first solo feature with the publication. During that video, fans were walked through long empty hallways, a massive neutral colored bedroom, and her and West's master bathroom which is the size of two of my apartments combined. Inside the bathroom, a major stand-alone his-and-hers sink sits opposite a shower that, as Vogue put it, is "big enough for a basketball team."

Fans had some questions about the house and specifically wanted to know more about the sinks. At first glance, it appears they are just one massive slab of stone with faucets sticking out of the top. Like, there is no clear bowl or place for the water to go. Obviously, I (and fans) have a lot of questions: What happens when you turn the water on? Where do you spit your toothpaste? Help, my brain is overheating.

In a recent Instagram story, Kardashian broke down the inner workings of the optical illusion sinks, showing us that there is, in fact, a small slit for water to drain into and a tiny, almost undetectable slope for the water to run down. According to Kim, it took eight prototypes to land on the final design, which was crafted by Kanye West and interior designer Axel Vervoordt.

Take a look:

Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

I know. It's confusing and weird and industrial, but sexy, and honestly, I just don't understand how fame and money work.

According to Kardashian, you can turn the water pressure on "as high as you want" and there's no splashback.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Meanwhile, her tub stands alone in the middle of the bathroom and looks like something you'd see on an industrial farm that washes, like, horses or something. According to Kardashian, she likes it because it can fit all of her children.


Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

That's not all for the weird minimalist stuff, either. The entire bathroom ceiling is a lightbox that is controlled by unique light switches. Kardashian explains she and West thought it'd be cool to simplify their light switches to three tiny buttons: one that turns the lights on, one that dims them, and one that turns them off.

I can honestly say I've never looked at my own light switches and thought, "Wow, there is just too much going on here," but then again, I'm not a millionaire.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Thanks for the tour, Kim! We'll all sleep better at night in our regular sized beds now that we understand how that all works.

Catch more of her fascinating home and all of its beige-colored furniture in the video below!