Twitter Is Split Over How To Feel About Kim K & Kanye West's Super Empty House

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images/Twitter

Kim and Kanye finally showed the world what their house looks like. Kim Kardashian's solo Vogue cover has given fans a lot of things: the reveal that she's studying to become a lawyer, adorable shots with North, Saint, and Chi, photos of some of the rooms in her and Kanye West's expansive home, and now, a full video tour of their (largely empty, extremely minimalist) space. The tweets about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's empty house show that fans are happy they finally got to see the house, but boy, were its contents (or lack thereof) unexpected.

Kardashian's Vogue interview for the print issue gave her fans a small look into her and West's house. There was a photo of her in a floor-length gown standing in their shower, a photo of Kardashian on the staircase fans are used to seeing on Kardashian's Instagram, and a photo of Kardashian, North, Saint, and Chicago in their kitchen with Spongebob Squarepants playing in the background. Kardashian's 73 Questions with Vogue, however, gave an entire video tour of the house, and Kardashian wasn't kidding when she called the mansion a "minimalist monastery" in the early part of the video.

I mean, just look at this place. It's a minimalist's dream house.

This is Kimye's bathroom. Their bathroom.


Here's a look at their kitchen/living room area.


And here's a sitting room that even features a minimalist Steinway piano.


Here's a closer look at that Steinway.


In case you were wondering, this is Kimye's bedroom.


What is this place, a home for rich people?! Oh, wait, yes. That is exactly what it is.

People on Twitter either are in love with the house and its dedication to minimalism, or they're shocked about the minimalism. Some are a mix of both.

You can watch Kim Kardashian's full 73 Questions video here.

Kardashian had a moment of pride on Instagram after the Vogue cover came out, as it was her first-ever solo cover for the magazine she idolizes.

"I've dreamed of this moment for so long, many said it would never come," Kardashian started off in her heartfelt caption. "Words cannot begin to express how much of an honor it is to have my first solo US cover of @VogueMagazine. I remember as a little girl flipping through my mom’s subscription each month and dreaming of one day gracing the cover of this iconic magazine."

She continued,

Thank you to the incredible Anna Wintour for your support as always, it means the world to me. @Tonnegood, @Mikaeljansson and the glam team were an absolute dream to work with. I’m so incredibly grateful to writer @Jonathanvanmeter for illustrating a glimpse into my life in a way that I don’t think has ever been done - from juggling family, my businesses and pursuing a law degree with such care and seriousness. Special thank you to my husband Kanye for speaking into existence that one day I would grace the cover of Vogue when everyone told me to be 'more realistic.'

This is clearly a huge, emotional moment for Kardashian.

The biggest reveal of this entire Vogue feature wasn't her and West's house, but the fact that she's now pursuing a law degree with hopes of becoming a criminal justice lawyer. Yup, Kim Kardashian is going Elle Woods on us. I hope that massive house has a library.