There's A Huge Theory About What Kim K Will Name Her Baby & TBH, It Makes Sense

by Hollee Actman Becker
Kevin Winter/One Voice: Somos Live!/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Trying to figure out what expectant celebs are going to name their future offspring is a pretty fun guessing game, since stars tend to select monikers that are distinctly off the beaten path. Apple. Cricket. Slate. And when the celebs in question just happen to be part of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, the bar for intrigue is set even higher. Will the names start with the letter 'K'? Will they be celestial? Royal? Directional? Or none of the above? Because according to one fan theory, Kim Kardashian's baby name could be Noel this time around. And as a girl with a Christmas-y name myself, I am so here for it!

And I suspect Kris Jenner would be too, given the fact that Noel is actually the middle name she gave to daughter Kim when she was born. For reals. And don't forget that Kim and Kanye's oldest daughter's name is North — another 'N' name that has holiday ties when you put it together with the word "star," as in the North Star.

And since Kimye's son's name is Saint, the three names would certainly fit into a nice, little most-wonderful-time-of-the-year theme, which makes perfect sense considering Kim's surrogate is reportedly due right around Christmas day.

TBH, I'd love the name Noel even if my own name wasn't derived from something you deck the halls with in boughs of. Not only do I think it's a beautful word to say, but it just gives off such a happy vibe. In French, joyeux noel means “Merry Christmas.” And our modern English version comes from the Middle English nowel, which is defined as “a shout of joy or Christmas song.”

What's better then being named after a shout of joy? And, I mean, let's not forget what dad Kanye does for a living:

Of course, while we're on the topic of potential baby names for the Kardashian-West fam's new addition, I should mention that Kim revealed during a recent visit to The Ellen Show that her four-year-old daughter already has her own name in mind for her new baby sister.

Wanna know what it is? Well, duh, of course you do. I kind of dropped a clue about it up top, but in case you missed it and you haven't already guessed... it's Star West.

And once again, I totally love it. The celestial tag may not start with the letter 'N', but it’s got the whole alliteration thing going with “Saint,” and its fits perfectly with the whole North Star thing I mentioned before.

And while Kim did tell Ellen she’s not really vibing with it, we have a sneaking suspicion North will wind up getting her way because we all know who the real boss of the family is and no, it's not you, Kanye.

Then again, we we're pretty sure it's actually Kim who will have the final say, and she is definitely taking her duties seriously. She even told Ellen that she asked all the guests at her baby shower to write down some name options for her, but sadly, the discerning mama wasn't digging any of them for her future little bundle.

DeGeneres then whipped out a baby name generator in an attempt to help a mother out. Here's are a few of the selections it came up with:

Lip-Kit West, Pop West, and West West.

And this is how Kim felt about all of those choices:

Yeah, well, we kind of don't blame her.

At the end of the day, we're still hoping she decides to go with either Star or Noel — we'd even settle for Polaris! — but if all else fails, we think this Twitter user had one of the best ideas yet:

Hey, it's better than Yeezy, right?