Kim K & North West's Matching Snakeskin Looks At Kanye's Sunday Service Deserve Their Own Praise

Whether you love her or hate her, I refuse to let you deny the obvious: Kim Kardashian wears some beautiful clothes. Maybe it's her own innate great sense of style, or advice from designer hubby Kanye, or a myriad of late nights spend googling Naomi's most popular lewks, but at the end of the day, the girl knows how to rock a fit like nobody's business. The only Kardashian more stylish that Kim — Sorry, Kris! ILY! — is her daughter, North, and if you were hoping to start your week off with a little style inspo, Kim Kardashian and North West's matching snakeskin outfits from their most recent Sunday Service should do the trick. When I picture worship-appropro attire, my immediate first thoughts are long hemlines and modest silhouettes, but this mother-daughter duo came ready to sing prayers and serve looks, and I couldn't love their matching fashion more.

If you aren't an avid follower of Kim's Instagram account (Literally why not?), you might not have seen her weekly posts from Sunday Service, at which Kanye leads worship, North dances, and Kim takes Instagram Stories. It's a family affair! And while the royal family of Calabasas is well-styled on a daily basis, this weekend's ensembles were particularly fab.

It appears as if everyone else in the congregation wears a groutfit (Yeezy brand, perhaps?), so Kim and the kids really stand out:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Peep North and her friend rocking head-to-toe snakeskin looks:

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Here's a complete video, saved from Kardashian's Instagram Story:

North slays, no doubt about it, and this black-and-white patterned biker short look is one her of best. She wasn't just twinning with her friend, in fact, but her mama as well. Cosmopolitan was quick to note that Kardashian was also clad in a full white snakeskin look during the service, and Daily Mail has even more photos of her look.

So, who copied who? Kim has worn snakeskin before, natch:

Then again, so has North, and she's particularly fond of the black-and-white version:

Kim was spotted today leaving Hermes wearing a snakeskin look that is most likely a repeat from Sunday, if not an incredibly similar fit:

Pierre Suu/Contributor/Getty Images

There's no "Who Wore It Best" competition here, because both mother and daughter rock the look. I honestly love the idea of getting-ready time at the West house, with North shouting down the hall, "Moooom, can you wear your snakeskin look? I want to wear mine!" Seriously, why aren't these moments featured on Keeping Up? I'm upset.

If you want to channel North's look, these Fashion Nova Medusa Snake Print Bike Shorts ($18, are as close as it gets:

Kim's look featured an oversized yet formal silhouette, and this I.N.C. Snake-Print Blazer ($80, normally $100 has a similar vibe:

Honestly, this moment in fashion combines pretty much all of my favorite things. A popular animal-inspired print, mother-daughter matching duos, and my kweens Kim and North. Catch me at the next Sunday Service singing my praises to these style goddesses!