These Were The Biggest Fashion Trends I Saw On The Streets Of New York Fashion Week

by Kristin Corpuz

New York Fashion Week is always a fun time of the year. Fashionistas from all over the globe flock to the Big Apple to see the next season's trendiest clothes in person and to reunite with fellow fashion lovers that they haven't seen since last season. But most importantly, everyone comes set to slay their street style looks. After all, if you're not walking down a runway at NYFW, the sidewalk is the next best thing. And while everyone — and I mean everyone — looked fabulous the whole week, these were the trendiest street styles I saw at NYFW.

Mixed textures and prints, bright colors, snakeskin, and neon were just a few of my favorite trends from this season's street styles. When I had time, I would stand outside of Spring Studios and people watch, just so I could see the different takes on the various street style trends that were popular this season.

While people got more adventurous and bold with their style during fashion week, I could definitely still see their personality and core sense of style in whatever they were wearing. If you decide to take on these trends, make sure you bring a little bit of your own uniqueness into the mix — that's what makes trends so special.

Mixed Textures
Kristin Corpuz

NYFW is definitely the time to play around with mixed and matched textures. While some people went all out with their combinations — sequins with knits was a combo I saw a lot — I chose to keep it a little more subdued.

I love how these sleek latex pants from Steele ($70, Steele) play off the fuzziness of the coat from Urban Outfitters (no longer for sale). The Lulus snakeskin belt ($12, Lulus) and two-toned booties from Public Desire ($30, Public Desire) add even more textures to make the look feel visually interesting, yet comfortable.

Neon Colors
collectiveframes on Instagram

Wearing bright colors is a sure way to get snapped by street style photographers, and fashion lovers took it even further this season by bringing out neon pieces. From floor-length neon green dresses to hot pink booties, this season was definitely the time for neon, both on and off the runways.

@collectiveframes captured Ariane Ordjibi in this amazing rainbow neon fur coat. She paired it with a simple baby blue sweater and a graphic black and white midi skirt so that it could be the focal point of her outfit.

Animal Prints
Kristin Corpuz

As you probably know, snakeskin print has been all the rage for the past year or so, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. Fashionistas rocked their snakeskin print in a variety of street style looks, from knee-high boots to leather jackets, and everything in between.

I styled my snakeskin print midi dress from Lulus ($20, Lulus) to play off of the different colors in the print. The Steve Madden booties and black statement belt complemented the darkest part of the print, and the vintage fur coat played off the lightest color. I threw in a fun pair of tan tassel earrings, and an adorable gray page boy cap from Lack of Color ($99, Lack of Color) that added a different neutral tone to the 'fit.

Monochromatic Tones
steffy on Instagram

This season's street style was all about the monochrome. Whether it was in the same color from head to toe, or slight variations of the color throughout the outfit, people had a really good time playing around with color families.

@steffy took on mustard yellow — another 2019 color trend — from head to toe, accenting with black, tan, and gold accessories. I'm honestly amazed that she was able to find three separate pieces in the exact same mustard shade, and she effortlessly pulled off this super trendy look.

Fur, Fur, & More Fur
Kristin Corpuz

With the frigid temps inching lower and lower throughout fashion week, attendees slowly shifted from slightly-impractical-but-totally-fashionable attire to stuff that would actually keep them warm. Fur coats easily took care of both the practical and stylish parts of most outfits this week.

I have a couple vintage fur coats in my closet that I took out for the week, and this one is, by far, my favorite. It's exactly what I picture when I think of a giant fluffy fur coat. Not only is it super warm, but it is also very versatile, and its neutral tone works with a number of outfits.

Mix & Match Prints
snitchery on Instagram

Much like the mixing textures trend, a lot of people chose to mix and match prints, especially ones in bright colors. It seemed like there was no limit to the different kinds of prints people put together.

@snitchery's outfit took on a number of street style trends from this season. She mixed prints in a wearable way by layering the prints monochromatically — the blue in the snakeskin top easily complemented the blue in the plaid coat.

All Red Errythang
Kristin Corpuz

Red is definitely a power color for fashion lovers everywhere, and this season was no different, with people throwing as much red into their outfits as they could. I spotted red jackets, red shoes, red dresses... anything you can think of, it came in red.

I felt like a brand new woman when I threw on this red suit. I had originally gotten the two pieces separately, but their shades perfectly matched, and it only made sense to wear them together. Because red is such a loud color, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit neutral. I wore a basic white bodysuit and threw on this amazing oversized faux leather aviator jacket from Pretty Little Thing ($132, Pretty Little Thing) to keep me warm. I topped off the outfit with this fun two-toned shoe from Public Desire ($60, Public Desire).

Bright Colors On Bright Colors
cvazzana on Instagram

I'm not adventurous enough to take on this trend, but many other fashion week attendees certainly were. People layered bright colors on top of bright colors to ensure that their outfits stood out against the grayness of the gloomy NYC weather. It didn't really matter what colors they layered, as long as they were loud.

Caroline Vazzana is a NYFW frequenter who is known for her maximalist style and fresh takes on layered brights. This outfit perfectly captured her vibrant spirit, with pink, red, and cobalt all thrown in to an outfit that felt cohesive and wearable. I'm particularly a fan of the bright cobalt over-the-knee boots from Zara.

Valentine's Day Vibes
austentosone on Instagram

With Valentine's Day falling just after the end of NYFW, you could tell that people had the holiday's color scheme on the brain. Many people showed up in soft pinks, dreamy creams and whites, and fiery reds.

Austen Tosone's take on the Valentine's Day-inspired look was definitely a fun one. She mixed different pinks and whites together, while also keeping the weather in mind. Her Adidas sneakers casually complemented her fun Silk Laundry slip dress. The standout piece of her ensemble was the clear vinyl raincoat ornamented with bits of baby pink faux fur on the lapels and cuffs.