Kim K Shared The Most Adorable Video Of Chi Dancing At Kanye West's Gospel Concert

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West started the week off in a really adorable way and their daughter Chicago had a lot to do with it! On Sunday, Jan. 6, Kardashian shared some behind-the-scenes video clips of her husband leading a choir through a handful of his songs for a gospel concert he’s calling “Sunday Service.” In the video, you can see and hear little Chicago, who’ll be turning a year old in just a few days, enjoying the music. The video of Chicago dancing at Kanye West’s gospel concert will definitely put a smile on your face!

The video, which was posted to Kardashian’s Instagram on Sunday, shows Chicago dancing while her dad is on stage with his gospel choir. The choir is singing and cheering baby Chicago on as she shows off her moves! And at one point, you can even see West smiling as he watches his daughter get into the music. It’s the cutest thing!

In another video, you can hear Chicago saying “Dada” over and over again. West and Kardashian are clearly proud of their daughter, as is evidenced by West’s bright smile in the video and the fact that Kardashian shared it with all her fans.

Here’s a look at the videos Kardashian shared on Instagram:

Kardashian even tweeted about her and West’s Sunday Service that same morning:

Kardashian's Instagram videos of Chicago come just days after People reported that she and West are expecting a fourth child via surrogate. Elite Daily reached out to Kardashian and West's teams for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication. While West and Kardashian have yet to confirm the news themselves, a source close to them recently revealed to People that they seem closer than ever now that a new baby is on the way.

“Kim and Kanye seem great. They had a really nice trip to Aspen and always enjoy spending time in Miami. They seem very happy and close,” the source said. “When they waited for Chicago to arrive, it was the same — having another baby seems to always bring them closer. They are very excited about having another baby this year.”

The couple — who is already parents to North, 5, Saint, 3, and Chicago, 1 — have reportedly always wanted to have four children in their family.

“They have absolutely talked about trying for another baby with the help of a surrogate, but nothing seems decided for sure,” a source told People in a Jan. 2 report. “Chicago is still little, and they have time.”

As for the surrogate, People’s insider source claimed that she wasn’t yet in her third trimester, so it’s still relatively early in the pregnancy.

“The gestational carrier isn’t in her third trimester yet. Kim wants to protect the pregnancy and not cause extra stress for the woman who is carrying their baby,” the source said.

All in all, it seems like Kardashian and West have everything all planned out. I’m sure a fourth child will add even more joy to the household. They seem like such loving and proud parents already. I mean, if that video of little Chicago dancing is anything to go by, then a fourth child will definitely give both parents even more to smile about. Congrats Kim and Kanye!