Kim K & Larsa Pippen's Friendship History Will Make You Love Them More

by Jamie LeeLo
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images & Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashian/Jenners might seem larger than life, but their inner circle is actually very small. Smack dab in the center of it is Larsa Pippen, longtime family friend, socialite, and ex-wife to famous basketball player Scottie Pippen. She's been a ride-or-die for almost as long as fans can remember, leaving some people wondering what Kim Kardashian and Larsa Pippen's friendship history really looks like. I can tell you at least this much: she was there when the Miami spin-offs were still a thing, stood side-by-side with Kim through her Kris Humphries marriage and divorce, and remains a BFF today through thick and thin. She is what they call "a real one."

While it's unclear when Pippen and Kim first met, fans can draw their timeline back to at least 2011 — around the time Kim took over Khloe's spot on Kourtney And Khloé Take Miami, officially renaming the series Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. It was then that Pippen first began popping up on camera, which means her friendship with the famous family had to have begun way before production. (Let's be real, not just anyone makes it onto the show. You've got to be in-in, y'know?)

The Early Days

Fans might recall Pippen being part of the infamous awkward pole dancing scene in Keeping Up With The Kardashians when Kris Jenner, Blac Chyna, Kim K, and Pippen herself took a private sexy workshop. That was 2014, which might as well be a whole lifetime ago.

Funnily enough, Kim being embarrassed in dance classes while Pippen gives it her all has ended up being a running theme. Four years after Kim told Pippen to "fix her underwear" in the pole dancing class, she showed up to rain on her parade again in 2018. Pippen, Kourtney, and Malika Haqq all signed up for a hip-hop dance class and Kim popped up to apparently judge everyone. Pippen encouraged her friend to "try" to no avail.

Their friendship in photos

Outside of their bizarre habit of taking awkward dance classes, these two really shine on social media. Pippen has become a staple in Kardashian's squad pics and regularly poses in itty-bitty dresses, glam shots, and beach photo shoots with the famous reality TV star.

Kim even lets her "silly side" show with Pippen, who is half of this iconic wedgie photo. (You know, you live your whole life wondering what is going to happen to you and then one day you write the words "iconic wedgie photo." Everything is weird.)

Kim also calls Pippen the most "positive person she knows." In this picture, Kim wrote: "Me & Mrs. Rogers. (I call her Mrs. Rogers because she’s the most positive uplifting person I know just like Mr. Rogers neighborhood)."

Likewise, Kim is splattered all over Pippen's Instagram. In a recent seemingly impromptu photo shoot, Pippen called Kim her "boo."

Look, I don't know what you've got to do to earn the rights to call Kim your "boo" and have her snap a picture with you barefoot, but this friendship has to be built on more than just TV-show cameos.

Where they stand now

Another example of how deep this relationship really goes lays in the recent Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods scandal of February 2018. In fact, Pippen is the very person who called Kim to tell her about the rumor directly. Cameras caught Kim answering the phone while Pippen explained that Woods and Thompson were "all over each other" the weekend after Valentine's Day 2019. According to Kim, Pippen relayed that one of her reporter friends was about to break the story. Since then, Pippen has been pretty vocal about her opinion on the whole thing.

During a fairly candid interview with the Hollywood Unlock Podcast published in June 2019, Pippen broke down the series of events on how she delivered the news to the Kardashians. "I called Kim. She didn’t believe me. She was like, ‘No way. There’s no way.’ Then we called Kourtney and Kourtney was like, ‘Yeah, I believe it.'"

According to Pippen, Kourtney and herself had been around Thompson and Woods in previous situations where they picked up on a "weird" vibe between the two. Pippen did not explain any further what she meant by that, but the insinuation is that there could have been chemistry or flirtation between Woods and Thompson before the scandal. Elite Daily previously reached out to Thompson, Woods, and Kardashian's teams for comment on the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

In the season finale of KUWTK, Kylie Jenner called Kim to discuss how everyone could move forward without reverting to bullying. Kim agreed and mentioned she reached out to Pippen after seeing that she spoke with TMZ in the days following the scandal. "I wrote Larsa this morning, ‘It’s looking super f*cking lame of you answering questions like this,'" Kim said. "It makes it look like everyone around us wants a little extra shine after [Khloé’s] family getting torn apart.”

That's some unfiltered, no bullshit tough love right there.

All of this to say: Pippen and the Kardashian/Jenner friendship runs deep. With every passing year, she becomes more and more entwined in the deep family web, and Kim and Pippen's relationship is definitely one variation of #FriendshipGoals. As usual, followers can stay tuned and keep up to see how this dynamic continues to evolve.