Khloé K's Reaction To Tristan Getting Blurred Out On 'KUWTK' Is A Lot

by Jamie LeeLo
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It has been a journey watching Khoé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's relationship unfold, refold, and then crumble on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Things have been tense ever since video footage surfaced showing Thompson seemingly kissing multiple women while Kardashian was in labor with their daughter, True. After that, Kardashian made a valiant effort to keep the peace with her daughter's father, though their relationship now seems to be over for good. Still, Thompson is popping up in the current KUWTK season, with one little caveat. His face is blurred out. Khloé Kardashian's reaction to Tristan Thompson getting blurred on KUWTK is surprising and a touch awkward, making this already complicated storyline even more complicated.

In the KUWTK episode that aired on Sunday, June 2, Kardashian and her best friend Malika Haqq go to Cleveland with True to visit Thompson. Obviously, the show was filmed months ago and the season has yet to catch up to Valentine's Day 2019 when Thompson allegedly kissed family friend Jordyn Woods, which ultimately reportedly ended his and Kardashian's relationship for good. As sad as it is, this is part of what has fans so glued to this season — watching the dynamic between Kardashian and Thompson play out in the months leading up to their breakup.

Very strangely enough, Thompson's face was blurred out the entire time in this recent episode. The camera panned over photos of Thompson and Kardashian that fans have seen plenty of times before on Instagram and otherwise, but Thompson's face was completely concealed. There was also a small clip showing Kardashian taking a video of Thompson and True and his face was blurred the entire time. Naturally, fans were like, "Huh?" and jumped on Twitter to ask Kardashian all about it.

Surprisingly, she said she didn't even notice...

Kardashian responded to tweets: "Wait? It is!?!?? I did not even notice that. I don’t know #KUWTK well, you obviously know who it is LOL so I don’t know what the point of that is. I’ll find out."

Some people suggested perhaps Thompson didn't sign the documents that would permit production to show his face, though Kardashian assured fans it wasn't up to her. She noted everyone "obviously" knows who it is in the footage and notes it would be silly for her to try to hide his identity.

"We obviously didn’t do anything. He might not have signed a waiver to show those images," she said. "Why would I want to blur his face? I’m not hiding his identity LOL #KUWTK."

In the same episode, Kardashian opened up to Haqq about what things were really like in her relationship at that point in time. "I'm someone where the energy I have towards True, that's all that matters to me," she explained, adding, "And if that starts to be affected by me wondering, 'What's Tristan doing? Where is he?' I will be out in two f*cking seconds."

Of course, today, fans know Kardashian stuck by her words and reportedly cut Thompson off the moment she heard about the reports about him and Woods.

It's not quite clear which episode of Season 16 will recount the scandal, but fans are standing by.