Khloé K's Explanation For Briefly Going Private On Instagram Is Surprisingly Funny

by Jamie LeeLo
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Khloé, girl. What's going on over there? The beloved Kardashian sister was playing games with her fans' minds when she seemingly toyed with her privacy settings on Instagram. Initially, it looked like she made the executive decision to go private (a weird move for a public personality) and fans had some questions. Mainly, why? When? Is Kris Jenner behind this? However, Khloé Kardashian's comment about going private on Instagram answered any lingering question marks and was actually kind of funny, too. Straight up — it was a mistake. She isn't really sure what happened either. Lol. (?)

In the early morning hours of April 16, fans jumped on Twitter as they noticed Koko's Instagram account was no longer accessible. It was confusing for a few reasons. As plenty of fans noted, she is already being followed by 91.3 million people, so trying to go "private" felt like a moot point. Additionally, I can't imagine how the logistics of her approving individual requests would have worked out. It's not like she has 27 hours in her day to comb through each and every fan request and make the distinct decision to let them into her life or not. Some people even speculated her reported drama with her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson had something to do with it.

Thank goodness for fans, though, because they ultimately were the ones who brought the change to Kardashian's attention.

Naturally, whenever a wildly famous person whose livelihood seems to depend on their interaction with fans does something "off brand," it causes panic. If you sprinkle in the added drama with Thompson and a touch of KUWTK conspiracy theories, I can see how this looked like a planned move. Still, Kardashian says it was all a mishap and that she doesn't even know how she managed to change her privacy settings in the first place.

Khloé commented on one fan's post on Instagram explaining:

I was on my explorer page and I saw your post. I have NO idea how or why my page is private. I don't even know how to do that lol thank you for posting! I'm going to fix it. That's strange....

Her account is now back to public, so that settles it.

Fortunately, this also means fans can peep her Instagram stories again which featured pictures of True's first birthday at the time she was private. Khloé shared tons of photos from the major event including matte pastel balloons, cotton candy animals, bubble machines, and more.

Thompson also posted a video of himself snuggling with his little girl at her party (who happened to be rocking some serious diamonds, as the person behind the camera pointed out). He captioned his video: "❤️❤️my princess❤️❤️ I love you soo much."

At the end of the day, fans are just excited to know they can continue to keep up with their main girl Khloé and all of her swoon-worthy moments with baby True whenever they damn well please.

Thanks for letting us in, Khloé! Love to love you.