Khloé Had A Pregnancy Scare Weeks Before The Tristan & Jordyn Cheating Scandal

by Korey Lane
Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian is strong, independent, and a total bad *ss. This is not new information, but it's also not to say she hasn't dealt with her fair share of drama. In fact, while the world may recall the reported cheating scandal that rocked her world just a few short months ago, the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian revealed the 34-year-old had actually been through a health crisis just weeks prior. In fact, Khloe Kardashian had a pregnancy scare right before the reported cheating scandal took place.

In case you need a refresher, back in February 2019, news broke that Kardashian's on-again/off-again boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Tristan Thompson, had reportedly cheated on her with Jordyn Woods. Woods, close family friend of the Kardashians and best friend to Kylie Jenner, denied that anything more than an unsolicited kiss happened during an appearance on Red Table Talk a few days later.

So, not only did Kardashian have to deal with the cheating scandal, but she had also just finished dealing with a pregnancy scare right before everything went down. During the latest episode of KUWTK, which aired Sunday, June 23, Kardashian was convinced she was pregnant because she was feeling nauseous. The fact that she thought she was pregnant might mean she and Thompson were still getting intimate shortly before the reported incident with Woods.

During the episode, she revealed she was relieved when she discovered she wasn't pregnant, but also still concerned for her health. "I’m happy that I’m not pregnant because I didn’t want to be, but with that being said, now I’m like, 'Why the f*ck am I nauseous all the time?'" she said in the episode. "I almost wish I was [pregnant], so I could say that’s why I’m nauseous." The cause of Kardashian's nausea actually had to do with migraines and stress.

At the end of the day, it wasn't a pleasant situation for Kardashian, and probably made her even more sensitive and vulnerable to the cheating scandal when news of it quite literally broke the internet. (Especially if she and Thompson were still being intimate.)

Additionally, it wasn't all that long ago when Kardashian went through another reported cheating scandal with Thompson, while she was nine months pregnant. In April 2018, videos and photos surfaced showing Thompson reportedly getting cozy with and kissing multiple women who were definitely not Kardashian. In fact, it all reportedly went down mere days before Kardashian gave birth to True. It was intense, to say the least.

This latest revelation that she thought she could be pregnant with Thompson's baby right before he reportedly cheated on her with a family friend is not ideal, but fortunately, it appears as though Kardashian has moved on from the hurt and is focusing on living her best life. Speaking exclusively to E! News after the episode aired, she explained that she's staying positive. "Life is about ups and downs and I don't think I planned — obviously, I didn't plan for any of this to happen— but the beauty is that we can survive anything in life and it's about a strong mindset and a good support system," she said. Amen, Khloé.