Kevin Wendt Proposed To Astrid Loch In The Sweetest Way & RIP Me

Bachelor Nation: This. Is. Not. A Drill. Kevin Wendt just popped the question to Astrid Loch, and she said "yes!" And if that news doesn’t have you squealing in and of itself, the adorable proposal story surely will. Here's the gist: Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch got engaged on Aug. 28 on a secluded part of Toronto Island during a romantic sunset picnic. Honestly, does it get any better than that? It does, fam. It does. And fortunately, Wendt documented how it all went down on his Instagram story.

In the first video on his story, Wendt reveals that he’s a tad nervous because Loch has no idea he’s about to get down on one knee. As far as she knows, the couple is just enjoying a standard picnic date, complete with some snacks and bubbly. But champagne isn’t the only thing Wendt packed for their date — he also has an engagement ring in his pocket.

“I’m taking her over to Toronto Island, to show her that this is her home,” he says in his story. “I love the fact that she moved here for me — I’m going to show her a view of the city she’s never seen.”

After showing off all the treats he’ll be bringing along, Loch explains that the couple will bike over to the island.

“I can’t f*ckin' wait,” he tells his followers in the video.

Kevin Wendt via Instagram

The second installment of the story shows Astrid commenting on the windy weather and giggling at Wendt’s picnic backpack. After some footage of the boat ride over to the island, the IG story cuts to a selfie video of Astrid riding her bike with no hands. Wendt chimes in from the background, saying, “You’re so talented.” (Um, could they be any cuter?)

The next portion of the story is a photo of Wendt down on one knee. Loch looks visibly stunned, with one hand over her mouth. Then, Wendt narrates a short video showing off the breathtaking view from the island and thanking photographers Ally + Nicholas, who were hiding in the bushes to capture the whole shebang. The IG story ends with an adorable photo of the newly engaged couple.

Wendt shared a still photo from the proposal on Instagram with the caption: “You’ll never walk alone again. From here on out, we run together. Astrid you are my family, babe. Forever.” Loch commented on the photo, saying “Mrs. Wendt has a nice ring to it.” She also posted her own Insta announcing the news, and wrote: "I could have sworn the world stood still in this moment. A moment I’ll never forget. Just you + me. @kevin.c.wendt you’ve taught me to love, learn and grow and I can’t believe you’ve chosen me to spend this crazy life with. Wonder if I’ll ever stop smiling? Probably not. In this together, forever." I can’t make this stuff up, you guys.


According to People, Loch put a lot of effort into making sure everything was perfect when he popped the question. Not only did he restart his playlist multiple times to make sure “Tequila” by Dan + Shay would be playing while he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, but he also proposed with a custom-made ring with sentimental value: The cushion-cut diamond rock was made by Wendt’s Jewellery, which was founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1884. People reports that for the last 135 years, everyone in his family has proposed with rings from the same company.

“I did my research on what Astrid liked for rings, just based on what she said about other girls’ rings or what she likes or what she doesn’t like,” he told the magazine. “And I just thought I would rather take a little bit of a risk and design it myself knowing her, rather than her just pick it out and kind of be expecting it.”


Fortunately, he did have a little guidance from Loch, who says she’s all about simplicity. After all, the couple was wearing a T-shirt and a tank top when they got engaged, and they celebrated their engagement by eating ice cream sandwiches and watching Big Brother together.

“So the ring definitely reflects both of our personalities,” she explained to People. “And he got a cute little inside joke engraved in it.”

Loch didn't reveal what's engraved in the ring, but then again, it wouldn't exactly be an inside joke if she did, would it? The point is, it was just one more personal touch that no doubt makes the ring more unique and meaningful.

Interestingly enough, this wasn’t Wendt’s original proposal plan, either. People reports that he was initially going to pop the question on the beach while they were attending The Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo‘s wedding in Mexico the weekend before. However, Loch got food poisoning and needless to say, it’s pretty tough to pull off a romantic proposal when someone is feeling sick. So, he formulated an entirely new idea — one that would go down right in their home city.

The reality stars may have fallen in love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, but their relationship didn’t make it to the final rose ceremony on the show. The couple left separately — only to reunite IRL.

“I will never forget when I left the show, going to my best friends and being like, ‘I know we technically broke up on the show, but I’m pretty sure this is the person I’m going to marry,'” Loch tells People. “I feel like I knew right away how well he fit into my life.”

And even though she felt that certain about their connection, she admits she’s still stunned that they finally found their happily ever after together.

“I don’t even think it’s fully hit me yet that it’s actually happened,” Loch told People. “I woke up this morning probably an hour beforehand and just stared at the ring and him just to make sure that it was real.”

According to People, the couple will “definitely not” be filming their “I do’s” for Bachelor in Paradise, and will be taking their time with the wedding planning in the coming year. Here’s hoping Wendt continues documenting some of their swoon-worthy moments together throughout the engagement — how else are we going to live vicariously through their romantic AF adventures?