Excuse Me, Police? Kendall Jenner Has Platinum Blonde Hair Now & I Don't Recognize Her

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The Kardashian-Jenner family obviously decided to take over the entire month of September, and between Kim's shapewear launch, Kylie's Playboy cover, and now Kendall Jenner's platinum blonde hair, I am truly overwhelmed. Oh yes, my friend, you read that last one correctly — Kendall Jenner, everyone's favorite raven-haired model and Keeping Up With The Kardashians semi-regular, is now a full-on blonde. No, I did not see this coming, and yes, I am just a little bit shook. I know Kylie, Khloé, and Kim jump from brunette to blonde all the time, but Kourtney and Kendall have almost always stuck to their natural strands, so any time either sister changes up her look, it's a pretty big deal.

Kim and Kylie regularly opt for dramatic hair changes, and because they run their own businesses, they have the freedom to do so. Kendall, on the other hand, is a professional model, and she has to ~look the part~ for whatever gig she books. If a casting director or fashion house selects Kenny based on her wide-eyed, dark-haired look and gets a platinum blonde Kendall, chances are they'll be less than pleased. That said, if Jenner is booked for a show at which platinum blonde strands are required, our girl has no choice but to change up her look. We don't know for sure if her new 'do was a personal decision or the choice of a casting director, but either way, Jenner debuted blonde strands while walking in Burberry's Spring/Summer 2020 show at London Fashion Week. OMG.

Jenner slayed the look, if you ask me — that said, I honestly didn't recognize her at first:

InStyle's Editor-In-Chief, Laura Brown, captured Jenner's runway walk on video, including the model's new strands in all their platinum glory:

Jenner also gave an up-close look on her Instagram Story, and I said "Oh my God" out loud to no one in particular when I watched it:

Kendall Jenner/Instagram

You guys, Kenny is serving some major Cara Delevingne vibes with the blonde strands and dark brows, and I'm living for it! I honestly never pictured such a strong blonde on her, but I couldn't love the look more. Blonde Kendall is chic af!

Am I the only one getting Delevingne vibes from her new 'do?

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Fellow model and Jenner BFF Bella Hadid also went blonde recently, and considering she too looks fantastic, I guess blonde is officially The Move:

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With London Fashion Week over and Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks ll stito go, I wonder if Jenner's new look will live on. Personally, I think it should, and it should maybe even be a forever thing. It's that good! If you want to know my personal preference, I've always been a Kylie stan, but honestly? This look has me Team Kendall for the moment. Maybe the other girls will follow her lead and we'll have the first all-platinum Kardashian Christmas card? Jenner wasn't even on last year's card, so that would be a dream and a half, but maybe I'm asking too much.