Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin Confuse Fans Even More After This Red Carpet Appearance

By Laura Rizzo
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to her dating life, Kendall Jenner always manages to keep us guessing. If she does make a rare public appearance or gets photographed with a guy, she never responds to rumors (aka Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Jordan Clarkson). She's keeping her same pattern with the newest suspected beau. Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin's red carpet appearance may make you think we're one step closer to figuring out this maybe-could-be couple, but I'm actually still just as confused as before.

The Los Angeles Clippers player and model attended the same event on Nov. 29, but not necessarily together. Were they both at the premiere of The 5th Quarter in Beverly Hills? Yes. Did they both walk the red carpet? Also, yes. Did they do either of these things while standing next to each other? Sadly, no.

The two attended the premiere looking super low-key. Just saying — they would have looked amazing as dates. *Sigh.* The red carpet for The 5th Quarter looked pretty casual and fun — just like the premise of the show. According to IMDb, the plot of the show is,

Mockumentary series chronicling the greatest untold and untrue stories in sports history.

The show will be available for free on go90.com on Feb. 24, 2018. You can look forward to Blake Griffin starring in the first episode of Season 2 as an underdog speed walker trying to strut his way to the Olympics.

Honestly, photos do not do Griffin justice — he's smoking. I'm getting off track... being in the show is obviously why Griffin attended the premiere in the first place. He kept it simple in a blue suit with a grey sweater and white sneakers. Very classic.

Kendall also kept it relatively casual. She wore baggy jeans with a sheer black top (I'm confused about the bra situation with this), and an oversized tan blazer. She finished the look with black boots and a top knot. Kendall Jenner is truly blessed — if I tried to pull off this look, it would be such a hot mess.

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Do you recognize the person in the photo with Jenner above? IT'S THAT AWESOME SNEEZING GUY FROM THE PAPARAZZI PHOTO OF KENDALL AND BLAKE.

Love that guy. As far as the possible relationship between Jenner and Griffin, here's what we know — they were both at the same premiere. Here's what we don't know — why they won't go public with their rumored romance.

The two have been linked for the past few months, but have stayed curiously quiet to the public. Kendall is easily the, uh, shyest Kardashian-Jenner, especially when it comes to her personal life. However, the two have been spotted together in Malibu, and Jenner has been seen court side at a few of Griffin's games.

A source told Us Weekly at the end of October,

They’re legit. They’re a full-on couple. Kendall has been going to a lot of his games and they have been enjoying time at home when Blake is in town. They’re good.

This may be the closest we ever get to true confirmation. Kenny keeps all romantic matters tightly under wraps. Back when she was rumored to be dating A$AP Rocky, a source told Hollywood Life,

They're both committed to keeping their relationship private, and out of the media spotlight. It's also unlikely that cameras will catch them engaging in any kind of PDA — that is if they can spot the cameras in time.

Well, alrighty then — that answers pretty much any questions about Griffin and Jenner going public with their relationship. However, things could always change. As the great Justin Bieber once said, "Never say never."

If Jenner and Griffin are indeed a real-deal couple, they make a super cute pair. I can't wait to see if these two pop up anywhere else together.

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