Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom's Body Language At Their First Public Appearance Is Mysterious

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The recent red carpet appearance of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Gala for the Global Ocean on Sept. 26 was the on-again couple's first official outing together since they decided to give their relationship another shot. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's body language reveals some interesting things about where their rekindled love may be headed. As many of us remember, the duo was also an item way back in 2016.

It all started when Perry and Bloom were spotted flirting at an award show after-party in January 2016, Us Weekly reports. The rumors they were dating began flying soon after as they continued to hang out and show some serious PDA over the next several months. However, in early March 2017, both Bloom and Perry's reps broke the news that the two had decided to part ways. After their split, they continued to be seen hanging out for months, spending time in what we can only assume was a friendly relationship. But after taking a joint vacation to the Maldives this past January, the romance rumors made a comeback with full vengeance. Last week's red carpet appearance seems to be an official acknowledgment that Perrybloom is back on. I spoke with body language expert Traci Brown to get her take on what their body language at the event reveals about round two of their relationship.

There's definitely some genuine intimacy between them.
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Is it just me, or does Bloom look like he's totally ready to pounce on Perry? I'm sorry, but TBH, looking at this picture really makes me feel like I'm intruding on a private moment, and Brown agrees that this kind of eye-contact definitely means they're a close couple.

"I like how they look into each other's eyes at close range," Brown tells Elite Daily. "That says they have some real intimacy. It's hard to do with someone you're not that close to."

Neither of them look comfortable in the situation.
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"He's covering his torso area protecting himself with the other hand in his pocket, maybe hiding something," says Brown. But before we start jumping to conclusions about any potential drama, Brown also points out that Perry looks like she's hiding behind Bloom — so they're probably both in on the awkwardness. "He's not really comfortable in the setting, and she's hugging him close using him as a shield," explains Brown.

They're on the same page
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"They've got secrets," says Brown. "But they're mirroring each other in the fig-leaf position which happens when couples are on the same page." I so wish I could've been a fly buzzing around that baby blue wall so I could reveal all of the scandalous inner workings of their relationship. Unfortunately, we have no idea what tasty tidbit they're dishing about.

This event was probably not where they wanted to be.
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It's almost eerie how they're both holding the same awkward position yet again, with a similar expression on their faces that kind of, sort of screams "Help!" According to Brown, as in the last picture, their body positioning and facial expressions reveal that neither of them was really comfortable, and they're both on the same page about it. "They're both uncomfortable and would rather not be there," suspects Brown.

Although it totally seems like Bloom and Perry didn't seem super jazzed to be there at that particular time, there's no doubt they were absolutely in-sync. We'll have to wait and see if they're back on for good, but from the looks of it, they presented themselves as part of a unit. And what a beautiful unit they make, am I right?

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