Kathryn Hahn says her hope for Agatha Harkness' future after 'WandaVision' if for Marvel to explore ...

Kathryn Hahn Reveals What She Hopes Is Next For Agatha After 'WandaVision'


After WandaVision basically tore a hole in reality, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at one of its most puzzling crossroads ever, with so much for fans (and even the actors from the show) to ponder. Exhibit A: The powerful witch Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) was left neutralized but still very much alive in the finale episode, leaving opportunities wide open for her to pop up again in some upcoming MCU movie or TV show. But will she? And if so, how will she? Speaking to Elite Daily about what could be next for her character, Kathryn Hahn says she hopes to explore Agatha's backstory in future Marvel projects, although she's clear that nothing is set in stone yet.

There's no denying Agatha Harkness stole the show in WandaVision. Initially disguised as the zinger-loving nosy neighbor Agnes, partway through the series, Agatha revealed her true form: a centuries-old witch bent on stealing Wanda's powers for herself. In the end, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) was able to overpower her and locked her within her harmless Agnes persona to continue living in Westview. The implication was that Wanda could come back to Agatha if she ever needer her, which is an exciting prospect for fans.

Although Hahn says Marvel has not yet asked her to reprise her role in another project, she has some ideas about where Agatha's story could go next. "Agatha’s history in the comics is pretty rich, and I think we only scratched the surface in the show," Hahn tells Elite Daily. "The show is kind of a mish-mosh of a lot of her history. So, it would be a lot of fun to dig into some other avenues where she shows up in the comics. She kind of touches on a lot of different places in the comics, so that'd be fun."

WandaVision included a brief scene of Agatha first learning of her powers in a flashback to the Salem Witch Trials, but the full breadth of the witch's comics story was left unexplored. While Agatha's most notable arc in the comics is as Wanda's complicated mentor, she also has a close connection to the Fantastic Four (a superhero team rumored to be close to making their MCU debut). Agatha also has a history in mentoring Sharon Carter, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who made her big return to the MCU in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


When Hahn first joined WandaVision, she had no idea of Agatha's complex storylines in the comics. In fact, she didn't know who Agatha was at all. But as soon as she got the rundown on the character's story arc within WandaVision, she was immediately on board.

"I went into the conference room [for my first meeting with the WandaVision team] and they had basically storyboarded the whole thing, and they walked me through the whole arc of the series and told me her reveal," Hahn says. "I was so in. I was so excited. I didn’t know who Agatha Harkness was from the comics, but just that reveal and who she was, and I heard the word 'witch' and knew she'd have a theme song — I was like, 'Forget it, I’m in.'"

Agatha may have made a mess of things for Wanda, but Hahn's newest project is the perfect way to clean things up. She recently partnered with Procter & Gamble to promote a new line of vinegar-based cleaning products called 9 Elements that she says she's "thrilled" about.

"During the pandemic, after a year of being stuck at home, staring at the buildup of grime, water stains, and just grossness in my house was driving me crazy," Hahn says. "[Then I learned] that what I was using to clean was adding to the problem. Even these DIY vinegar hacks weren’t really cutting it. The vinegar needed to be supercharged with other ingredients, which is what 9 Elements has done ... I was so excited it was created by two women scientists and that it’s based on this power-charged vinegar ... and that it’s only nine ingredients."

A little spring cleaning sounds like a great way to kill the time as every Marvel fan (and Hahn herself) waits to see if Agatha Harkness will make a big comeback.