Agnes In 'WandaVision'

This 'WandaVision' Character Could Be Way More Important Than Fans Realize


Nothing is as it seems in WandaVision, the new Marvel show in which Avengers characters Vision and Wanda find themselves in a rapidly changing sitcom universe that's dangerously out of touch with reality. Curious fans are looking at the series' side characters to find hints about what's really going on, and the couple's nosy neighbor is already a key character. So, if you're wondering who Agnes really is in WandaVision, you're not alone; her true identity could play a big role in the MCU's future.

Warning: Spoilers for WandaVision Season 1, Episode 3 follow. In Episode 3, the show flashed forward to the 1970s as Wanda and Vision prepared to become parents just hours after Wanda mysteriously became pregnant. The couple's new friend Geraldine soon came to the rescue, helping deliver their twin boys, Billy and Tommy.

The babies' arrival is significant because it confirms WandaVision is at least somewhat based on a major Marvel Comics storyline. In 1985's Vision and the Scarlet Witch Volume 2, Wanda channeled her superpowers into herself to create the child she and Vision desperately wanted, and they ended up with their twin boys. But in 1989's Avengers West Coast #52, it was revealed that Billy and Tommy didn't really exist; they were constructs created through Wanda's reality-bending powers (just like how Wanda seemingly created a different reality in WandaVision).


In the comics, Wanda then stole two soul fragments from Mephisto (basically the Marvel comics equivalent of the devil) to give her sons life, but they were later tragically absorbed by Mephisto, who wanted those pieces of his soul back. To make matters worse, Wanda's witch mentor Agatha Harkness cast a spell on her to make her forget she ever had children. (Yep, the comics are even wilder than WandaVision has been so far.)

So, if the show is borrowing from this comics storyline, how might Mephisto and Agatha factor into this adaptation? While the answer to that question is unclear, one theory predicts Agnes and her perpetually off-screen husband Ralph are really Agatha and Mephisto.

The first few WandaVision have already given fans evidence that this idea could be true. In Episode 2, Agnes joked about wanting to make Ralph disappear, which could be an allusion to Wanda getting her memory wiped after losing her twins. That same episode, Wanda and Agnes' neighbor Bev said, "The devil's in the details," to which Agnes responded, "That's not the only place he is." Since Mephisto is basically the devil, this possible easter egg could indicate the real "devil" is just offscreen, waiting to snatch Billy and Tommy.

Further, in Episode 3, Agnes a wore a necklace very similar to the one worn by Agatha in the comics. She also hinted to Vision that there's something off about Geraldine, who eagle-eyed viewers already know is actually SWORD agent Monica Rambeau. Wanda previously didn't let Vision question his reality and rewound scenes if he started to do so, but Agnes trying to make him realize he's in a made-up universe is evidence she knows something about what's really going on. As if that weren't enough proof, she's even shown wearing a witch costume in the WandaVision trailer.


But until the show confirms the characters' real identities, fans will have to wait to find out what's really going on with Agnes and Ralph in future episodes of WandaVision, which hit Disney+ on Fridays.