This Tiny Detail In The 'WandaVision' Premiere Supports A Major Fan Theory

by Ani Bundel

Disney+'s WandaVision is the first major series to arrive since The Mandalorian. But where Lucasfilm's first foray into live-action, small-screen storytelling was surprisingly straightforward, Marvel Studios' project is anything but. The series' first two episodes, which hit the streamer on Jan. 15, present it as a 1960s-era sitcom that happens to star two of Marvel's Avengers. But fans know there's a lot more than meets the eye to Westview and Wanda Maximoff. The question is, did Wanda create a new universe in WandaVision? That's the going theory.

There are definite hints that wherever Wanda and Vision are, it's not a town called Westview. The house changes from episode to episode, for one thing. There are commercial breaks, for another. (Despite the best efforts of ad execs, reality does not pause for a word from our sponsors.)

But fans may have overlooked the most obvious of clues, which arrived at the very top of Episode 1, as Vision and Wanda were in the kitchen getting ready to start their day. Wanda was doing the dishes superhero-style, with glasses flying, cutlery spinning, and plates soaring through the air into their dish racks. Unfortunately, Vision wasn't paying attention to the goings-on, and a dish hit him smack in the head. It shattered instantly.

Vision then shook his head and looked ruefully at the pieces. "My wife and her flying saucers," he joked.

Wanda returned the snark: "My husband and his indestructible head."


On the surface, it's the kind of banter made famous on The Dick Van Dyke Show, patter that leads to the episode's small-potatoes plot of a disastrous dinner party. But look at Wanda's line again, and think back to the last time fans saw Vision in the MCU — when he died in Avengers: Infinity War. Fans have been trying to square this iteration of Vision, who died in the films, with the now-alive Vision who is living an idyllic life in Westview with Wanda. There's something not right here, and Wanda's line is the giveaway.

Infinity War's plot partly revolved around the Mind Stone in Vision's forehead — namely, keeping it out of Thanos's hands. After all else failed, Wanda destroyed it, and Vision's head exploded, killing him instantly. But to Wanda's horror, killing the man she loved did not defeat Thanos. He turned back time, bringing Vision back to life.

Thanos then ripped the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead, cracking it like an egg in the process. The last glimpse of Vision was him drained of all color, lying in Wanda's arms, his head anything but indestructible.


Wanda's line may have sounded like banter, but it's actually a denial of reality, both of her actions in Infinity War and how Vision died. Everything about the scenario — the black and white Vision, the indestructible head — it all seemed to be her pushing away reality, living a fantasy in which everything is as she wishes. It's the same as when she rewound the world at the end of Episode 2 when she saw the person with the S.W.O.R.D. logo come out of the manhole cover.

Fans are guessing Wanda has taken her abilities and made an entire pocket universe where she and Vision can live out a happy life. If so, will Wanda insist on staying here forever? Or will her fantasy threaten to rip the multiverse into pieces?