'WandaVision' revealed Agnes' true identity was Agatha Harkness with a catchy theme song called "Aga...

'WandaVision' Revealed Its Hidden Villain With A Catchy Song & Fans Are Loving It


WandaVision has given Marvel fans a lot of musical surprises, as each episode kicks off with a new original theme song to get viewers in the mindset of whichever sitcom era its recreating, but the seventh episode surprised fans with the show's catchiest song yet. Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7, "Breaking the Fourth Wall." In one of the cinematic universe's most fun reveals ever, Wanda's neighbor Agnes revealed her true identity through song, and these tweets about WandaVision's "Agatha All Along" song show everyone is loving the totally unexpected bop.

With only a couple episodes left in the series, Episode 7 seemingly brought an end to WandaVision's decade-hopping sitcom shtick by parodying late 2000s-era shows, most notably Modern Family. After getting Agnes to watch her twin sons so she could have a day to herself, Wanda began to realize she may not have as much control over Westview as she thought. In the end, the episode gave Marvel fans the reveal everyone has been waiting for since the very beginning, as Agnes confirmed she is actually a powerful sorceress named Agatha Harkness. TBH, pretty much every fan guessed Agnes was really Agatha right off the bat, so that wasn't too shocking, but the way Agatha revealed herself was an unexpected delight.

To confirm she was behind all the chaos in Westview, Agatha sang a jaunty theme song called "Agatha All Along." The short but sweet ditty sung by Kathryn Hahn herself instantly became a hit among fans, who took to Twitter to share their immediate love for the track.

Sadly, Marvel has yet to add "Agatha All Along" to any music streaming services, or even upload a version of the song to YouTube, so fans will have to just keep bopping along to Twitter clips or rewatch the end of Episode 7 until that hopefully changes.

The catchy tune should help fans pass the time during the wait for next Friday's episode, which is expected to be a major one now that Agatha has revealed herself and the finale is on the horizon. There are still some characters that fans are expecting to get revealed in the last couple episodes, so get ready for some even bigger twists as the final two episodes of WandaVision air Fridays on Disney+.