Kanye West Tweeted He’s "Getting Rid Of Everything" & Here’s What That Could Really Mean

by Julia Guerra
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images/Twitter

Remember that time Kim Kardashian literally broke the internet with her butt? Well, Kanye West just logged back into his social media accounts after taking one super long hiatus, and things are getting real deep, real fast. If you’re not already following @kanyewest, you’re going to want to do so ASAP. Kim K’s other half is already spouting all kinds of Yeezy wisdom (surprise) on Twitter, but unlike the usual rants you’re used to from this guy, Kanye West’s tweet about getting rid of everything once in a while actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Kanye, so I kind of can't believe I'm about to write this, but I honestly think people can learn a thing or two from Yeezy this time around. I know Kim K and Chrissy Teigen jokingly ganged up on the guy for coming off so serious in this particular tweet, but for real, who wouldn’t benefit from eliminating the excess from their lives? Be it emotional or materialistic, extra is extra, and whatever you don’t need, or whatever causes you stress in life, doesn’t need to be cluttering your space or mind. Kanye’s the perfect example of this, too, seeing as how the reason behind his almost year-long disappearance from social media was because it “wasn’t necessary for his creative process,” a source told US Weekly.

No one's saying you should get rid of everything you own, but saying goodbye to the things you don't need, or that aren't good for you, may not be such a bad idea.

To give you a little more context, I should probably explain where this nugget of knowledge even came from. Basically, Kanye started talking about creativity on Twitter earlier this week, posting that “distraction is the enemy of vision,” and expressing his opinions about how it’s important for creatives and artists to protect their ability to create “at all costs.” I can only guess that this idea of taking action and getting rid of things is one of the best ways he knows how to protect his own ability to create.

Now, for the record, Kanye can’t take all the credit for this genius idea. In fact, Brittany Murphy taught me all about “sloughing off the excess to find your center” when her character, Molly Gunn, had to start from scratch and sell all of her assets in the 2003 film Uptown Girls. I think it’s something everyone knows deep down: that things and people who weigh you down shouldn’t be held onto — but tweeting about letting go, and actually letting go, are two different things.

“Determining what or who in your life is weighing you down demands a good dose of self-knowledge and dedication to understanding what makes you happy (or sad),” Dr. Jose Hamilton Vargas, a psychiatrist and co-founder of the emotional health app Youper, tells Elite Daily. “We know that it's not easy to start over or leave things or people behind, but sometimes, it can be the only way to get rid of unnecessary weight.”

Honestly, I commend Kanye for getting rid of his social media when it wasn't serving him. I know myself, and I battle a serious bout of FOMO every time I even think about deleting my Facebook account. But if doing so gave this man some much-needed clarity, imagine what eliminating your social pages, or going through the contacts on your phone, or even just cleaning out your closet, might do for your mental health.

So how do you go about getting rid of the bad to make room for the good in life?

The first step to starting fresh is the hardest: committing to it. According to Sameera Sullivan, founder and CEO of Lasting Connections, this can be particularly difficult because “we lead such busy lives.” However, she tells Elite Daily, “it has to be done.” Once you’ve officially decided that now is the time for a fresh start, she says, consider it a kind of life cleanse, where your next move is to figure out what, exactly, needs to go.

"Maybe there are too many traumatic memories, maybe it’s the people and environment you are surrounded by," Sullivan explains. "Anyone or thing that’s giving you unbearable stress, you need to move away from."

Personally, I find that making lists is always helpful in these types of situations. Take a few minutes — heck, even an hour, if you feel like it — and give yourself the opportunity to really evaluate your life and everything/everyone in it. Jot down what makes you happy, and what makes you unhappy. When you feel as though you've gotten everything down on paper, then the getting-rid-of-everything part can begin.

Sullivan suggests taking people "off your phone who are toxic and who you no longer want in your life," in addition to doing other little things, like cleaning out old photos, or maybe even going through your closet to get rid of old clothes. These physical changes will definitely help, but starting over is not just physical; it's very much a mental process, too.

"The most vital things to get rid of are bad habits," Dr. Vargas says. For example, he tells Elite Daily, things like checking your phone during conversations or meals with loved ones can easily be replaced with positive habits, like stowing devices in your bag or room when spending time with others.

So, you see, Kanye's on the right track here. Sometimes, you really do have to get rid of the bad, in order to make room for the good. Take Yeezy at his word on this one, guys.