This Is Why Fans Think Kanye West Deleted His Twitter and Instagram

by Caitlin Flynn
Frazer Harrison / Getty

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but Kanye West has deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Combine that with the fact that he was conspicuously absent from the Met Gala and it seems like Yeezus has gone completely AWOL.

Meanwhile, everyone is clamoring to know his whereabouts — and his fans have many theories. After all, when the Internet is given zero information, speculation abounds.

Here are some theories about why West has disappeared from our Twitter and Instagram feeds.

He's About To Drop A New Album

This seems like a definite possibility — The Weeknd, Future, and other artists have deleted their social media platforms shortly before dropping a new album.

It's A Publicity Stunt

Kimye collaborated on a kids clothing line — and, after a lot of Snapchats and much anticipation from their fans, it dropped yesterday. Deleting social media is a great way to get attention, especially if West is working on a new album in addition to the clothing line. On May 5 (the day of #DeletionGate), it was the sixth most read story on BBC. So, if 'Ye is looking for attention, it definitely worked.

The Social Media Negativity Isn't Worth It


Drew Angerer / Getty

Being a celebrity on Twitter always comes with a massive dose of negative comments — and many of West's fans were so not there for his support of Donald Trump, which included a December meeting at Trump tower. In February, he deleted all his tweets defending the meeting and was reportedly “super unhappy with the President's performance over his first 2 weeks in office,” according to TMZ.

So, he's undoubtedly facing backlash from members of both political parties right now — and we all know just how polarizing this election has been.

He's Focusing On His Health

It seems that staying out of the public eye is important to mending his health, so that could be the reason for West's social media disappearance. After his absence at the Met Gala, a source told ET:

“He's focusing on getting back into the public spotlight really slow. That's the main reason why he didn't want to go to the Met Ball. He's still very close friends with Anna and loves her dearly, but right now it's all about him and staying healthy. Going to the biggest fashion event of the year is something that will not help him stay on the right track to getting better. Fashion is Kayne's passion — and going on Monday night may seem like just a little appearance at an event, but Kanye would have gotten SO involved in the entire process.”

This isn't the first time West has scaled back his social media presence — in 2012, the rapper wiped his Twitter account clean and left one tweet that read: "Be back soon."

Most likely, this move doesn't signal "goodbye" — it's probably just "see ya later."

Elite Daily has reached out to West's rep for comment. 

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